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New Assault Craft Veterans and Idaho Veterans Command

Greetings to All!
I added a new command for Assault Craft Veterans, you can use the link to the website lcusailors. This is a group that I am in the process of joining. They are going to have a reunion in San Diego in May (21-24) in 2009. If anyone wants to join, you can find the information on the website. Also, I added a new command for Idaho Navy Vets. This had not been approved yet. If it is approved, I invite anyone that lived in Idaho or is an Idaho resident to join. I hope to get a good group going, maybe have some reunions of our own in the Gem State.

Yesterday, I mentioned my very good friend Steve, I am going to share with you one story about one of our first few nights in Vietnam. Steve and I were only 18 years old at the time. Hope you enjoy it. It is titled, "What’re you doing dummy?"

One of the most intense memories I have is of the night we first went to Dong Ha. We had only been in country for a day or so when we anchored off the coast a mile or so from the mouth of the Cua Viet River. Steve and I were put on the midnight to eight watch with me on the bow and Steve on the fantail. We were given Thompson .45 caliber machine guns and a few percussion grenades to throw out in the water to prevent any swimmers from placing explosives on the boat. I remember it was pretty hot and raining lightly around 2 a.m., when I heard a small sampan passing our boat and then a loud splash in the water. I went over to the starboard side of the boat and turned on the battle lantern (big flashlight) to see if someone was near our boat. We had a load of Black Powder charges (explosives for artillery) that covered our whole tank deck. So we were able to walk right on the boxes from the back to the front of the boat. I was getting pretty scared and was sure that any moment someone was going to come climbing over the rail to attack us. I took the safety off the Thompson and it was cocked and ready to fire, just at that time I heard someone behind me on the boxes. I turned and started to squeeze the trigger, as I came around I saw a shape and wasn’t sure who it was at first.
Just as I started to squeeze harder on the trigger, Steve said, “What’re you doing dummy?’ I just had time to pull the weapon up and not shoot Steve. I was a nervous wreck for the rest of the day.

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