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Memorial Day Remembrances at Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery

Ft. Rosecrans National Cemetery, Northern View, Pacific Ocean on left

Ft. Rosecrans National Cemetery, Westward View, Pacific Ocean in background

A highlight of my mid-April visit to San Diego was those reverent hours spent at Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery. What a magnificent and respectful place indeed. It seems appropriate to share a couple of photos taken during time on that hallowed ground. My words are insufficient to pay Memorial Day appreciation to these solemn memorial lands. But Rita C’s written words as captured here by her pen—better express those feelings experienced regarding a visit to this sacred place…

“The Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery has a beauty and tranquility that leaves peaceful hopefulness in the hearts and minds of visitors. Situated on the Point Loma Peninsula—just a few miles from Downtown San Diego, the national cemetery has breathtaking views of the bay and ocean on both sides. Walking the grounds creates a feeling that time has stopped, the cool green of the lawn and trees, the clear blue of the skies and ocean, and the purity of the white headstones lining and defining the landscape. Here veterans slumber in hallowed ground, reminding us that we all share a common destiny.”

As I walked among the thousands of white gravestones, my eyes caught a striking and unforgettable sight. There in a central location—side by side—lay a US Army 3-Star General and a US Army Private. Veterans certainly know that these two honorable men did not frequent the same social circles during their short time on earth. But they now share essentially the same ground forever...into whatever comes to them in the unknown here after. This observation and these thoughts presented me with a very peaceful and strongly balanced reality experience.

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