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I have never blogged before so here goes, never to late to start. I have to say my RTC in FL. was different, I learned that you do not tell a MCPO he has an attitude. Yep, I did and set me back they did. Another piece of advise, don't stand on the grinder and watch the drill team as your company goes marching off without you. Yep did that, 50 pushup later while be slapped on the head with my CC papers did not help. Lucky for me, I could have wound up at I/T.. that is a horror story in itself. Next thing I learned, even though I was a certified EMT, when your buddy falls out on the grinder, you let the RCPO handle it, but me the EMT can help, I tried was dragged back to the line. They don't care if you are an EMT, you are nothing in boot camp.  A final piece of advise for those in boot camp, don't drink on your 1 day of liberty before the final PT Test, Yep, did that and my CC Miller, said 'IF I catch you before you pass the finish line I will have you run around the entire base. and guarantee she was not kidding, 2 girls did not make it.. I saw them 2 days later running around the base.  Well more of my Navy time on the next login ;)


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Comment by Gene Gowen RM2 on May 27, 2013 at 2:08pm
Girl You get around....ha
Comment by David W Asche on May 26, 2013 at 11:35pm

There ya go!  Story time!  Need to see more people do this.  Write 'em as you would tell your friends!

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