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Marine Memorial at Camp Pendleton Area 53 Camp Horno location

Just saw a news report on CNN about a Memorial Cross that was dragged up a hill in memory of the fallen comrades by Marines, two Navy Corpsman and a Navy Chaplain. It's legality is being challenged by two groups, one called the Military Association of Atheists and Free Thinkers spokesman Jason Torpy stated that, "An unauthorized religious shrine sits on federal land, it has stood for years, showing clearly that Christianity is given preference by Camp Pendleton officials and a long line of Marine commanders and leaders who have knowingly allowed the shrine to stand and who have used it as a focus for command-sponsored prayer and Christian pilgrimage." Three Marines have given their ultimate sacrifice...let us not forget their memories. All us FMF Corpsman should get behind our fellow Marine Corps bretheren and honor those who given it all. What are they thinking Arlington National Cemetary is on federal land...will it be next to befall their rath?


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