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When I made MLC we were about halfway thru a med cruise. The MR1 that was in charge of the machine shop also made it. His last name was Osborne.One afternoon the ENC that ran the boat shop came in . He had a piston ring in his hand.He said that there were no more in Supply, and he was going to have to get some made. Then he said"Do you know what this piston ring was made of?".Now this guy was known to be a very serious individual. Never smiled,all business. He handed it to me,I flexed it a few times, put it up to my nose like I was smelling it. Then I licked with my tongue."Hmmmm, it's cast iron".He took a step back and asked how I did that.I told him that it  was from experience.I told him that we could make a billet that the machine shop could cut rings from.I told him to see chief Osborne in the machine shop to verify that it was cast iron I got right on the phone to Osbornes office.I said," hey Ozzy, the ENC is on the way up with a piston ring. Do the taste test on him." Ozzy laughed, and said ok. That evening we were sitting a the table eating. Ozzy was sitting across from me.He told me that the ENC was truly amazed. Just then the ENC came and sat down at our table.There were probably 12 CPO's at that table.He started carrying on about the two young CPO's that had really helped him out. He began telling everyone what happened. Half way thru it, everyone at the table stopped eating , and was just staring at him. A few began to laugh a little. He turned very red in the face, stood up and pointed at us both." Iwill get back at both of you." By then all of the CPO,s really began to laugh. Then he stormed out of the mess without eating. Our amster chief was there and told us not to sweat him. Two weeks later he came into the shop, apologized for going of like that."It was pretty funny" was his remark. Then he actually smiled.    

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