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The older we get the closer we get to that Great Sandbox in the Sky. a lot of us don't know it until we start loosing our good health. Like me, and find its closer than you think. So many good friends so little time. Heck, a lot of us don't keep in touch with our immediate family, let alone the friendships and bonds we shared early in our lives with our molder brothers. We get all wrapped up with getting married, raising families, and making a living. In all that pursuit we somehow seem to forget that the brotherhood that we formed so early in our lives 'MOLDED' us to whom we are today. I knew David W Asche and Jim Reardon personally. I started out in MLA school with them. With pride honesty and Heart felt remembrance I salute you David and Jim and all our fallen molder brothers, past and present.      May your ladles be always be toped off. Your sand never to wet. And your castings always be sound.                   God Bless.   MLFN Robert b Brantner.

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