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Good Morning fellow Navy Vets, Hope all is well where you are. I was watching the town hall mtg in Montana, ( apparently, I have WAY too much time on my hands) and I wanted to share a thought with you all. A citizen asked President Obama a direct and simple question. How are we going to pay for National Health care, and still not raise taxes. The President thought for a moment, then said " You are absoulutly right. I can't just cover another 47 million people for free". First, I believe this is one of the only honest answers we've gotten on this ( or for that matter, any ) issue since this administration has come to office. That being said, I'm troubled on a couple of levels by the Presidents answer. First, It would seem to me that before an issue, or bill of this magnitutde was brought to the forfront, they would have at least had a clue of how it was going to be funded. You can't tell me they didn't know they were going to have to raise tax's. To hear the President admit it in a public forum is unbelievable. At any rate, by the news this morning, ( 8/17 ) it would appear that the " public option " portion of the bill may very well be off the table. Is it possible that the town halls are working ? Something to think about Veterans. I would love to hear your opinions. Have a FINE Navy Day...

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Comment by John (Blue Eagle) Maddalena on August 22, 2009 at 11:25pm
AMEN Tim.... I never trusted these YEA-HO"S from get go.... From what we have seen just from Feb., even folks that voted for him got to be saying " Whatahey" put the kool-aid down somethings not right here ????
Comment by Tim Gulliford on August 18, 2009 at 5:30pm
The Public Option was just put back on the table. No matter what this administration says or decide to do, you cannot trust them. They may even put a presentable offer on the table that the public may accept but it would be a "base": for something to be added to it later.

If any of you know someone who has been on Federal Workmans Compensation (OWCP), just ask them how it has turned out for them. I have been on OWCP for four years and let me tell you, Government Run, Universal, public option health care or whatever they choose to call it, would be a HUGE mistake and you all would regret it.
Everything you hear about money, long waits, and decisions made that are out of your hands is exactly what happens in OWCP in which to remind you is a Government Agency. They claim universal health care is to streamline and make more efficient the health industry. When was it the last time the Feds, especially the left, made anything streamline and efficient? The post office? Medicare? Social Security? Our Nations Borders? Yeah right, even OWCP is anything but streamline and efficient. It took weeks and in some cases months and year(s) to get things approved by OWCP for an injured workers health. In one example out of many that I can write about, I needed a certain brace for my knee. So, I was measured and fitted by the company who deals with such things. Then I had to wait for OWCP to approve of the brace.Three weeks later the call came from the company that OWCP approved the brace and I was able to pick it up. My point, why does it take so long for an approval on a simple thing like this brace that is very much needed to stabilize an injured workers knee? This my fellow Veterans would be your Health care and possibly a lot worse.
I know, you really do not know how OWCP is like unless you have experienced it yourself and one mans word is just that, his opinion. Just do some research before you accept the propaganda coming out of Washington.

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