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I've been searching for some months now for information about whether the benefits are still available if we've been out of the service for 20 plus years. There is tons of info on the bill and everything that I have found on the Government pages about it has begun talking about the old GI Bill, and without hesitation of giving any info on it, turns it into information about the Montgomery Bill. Even if it's supposed to be about the old GI Bill. VERY Confusing to say the least.
Under the current economy situation, the VA Centers with this information are inundated with requests for info, and they are even looking for MANY volunteers to help them with the workload. Naturally to volunteer, you need to be specially trained to provide all those types of information accurately, so needless to say, after almost 6 months, I've not received any information regarding whether I am still eligible under the OLD GI Bill for tuition assistance to obtain a college degree.
Maybe, and quite possibly, there may be some individuals in our groups here that have managed to acquire some of this info and could pass it on. I know that there are lots of people asking these questions.
Dan T.

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Comment by Dan Tremblay ASM2 on September 10, 2009 at 10:42am
Hi Todd;
Thanks so much for your thoughts on this. Years ago when i was on active duty, I know that I heard that there was no time limit for those of us with the old GI Bill. But I could NOT remember who had said that. I know that they spoke about it the separation class, but that was in And I just don't have that paperwork any more. I had contacted one of the local VA Benefit offices, but you can't raise anyone on the phone and they are so backedlogged now that you never know when they will have time to get to you. I hadn't thought of contacting the VA Hospital. I will do that. Thank You for your comment and good luck with your benefits as well.
Comment by Todd Wilson on September 10, 2009 at 9:25am
Hello Dan, I have a different understanding if you happen to fall under the old GI Bill. That there was no time table for us. I can tell you that you can get better info from your local assemblyperson in your district for help. One thing that I do know for sure is that we all qualify for rehab training after an illness or injury if you are a verifable vet. You will need to be referred by your VA doctor which is fairly easy in my case. You can get better answers to your college questions by going directly to your nearest VA Hospital to you. You will need to write off a whole day by it might be worth it.
Comment by Dan Tremblay ASM2 on September 3, 2009 at 4:31am
Thank you for your thoughts on this Donald. I think you're right about that too. I couldn't find it in those words for sure on any of the sites. They make it so confusing to know exactly what they are talking about.
Thank Again.

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