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After I had the fiasco with the RO, I was gaiven a MM2 and a GSE1 to help me review the thousands of job orders for the up comimg 12 month yard period in Boston. It was about 90 days before leaving that I realized that my annual eval was relly late. I looked into it I was told that the RO wanted to have input. I thought why?? I only worked for him for about 3 weeks. I went to see the XO about it . He came aboard the same time I took over as 3-M coordinator. I told him that he may not be aware of why I was not in the repair dept. My evals were really late and the RO wanted to have input. He told me that if they were not decent to let him know and he would take care of it. A few days later  I was given my copy. WOW!!! talk about a surprise. they wre the best evals that I had ever had. I called the repair master chief and asked him if he hed seen them. he said yes. I told him that the man was crazy. he said that I was the only person to stand up to him like I did, and he did respect me for that. I started thinking that I still would not trust him. sure enough a dept. head meeting for the ship package review, he told me that I didn't have to live in the barracks with everyone else. He said he had a room reserved for me on a barge that would be alongside. Also I was going to be his assistant overhaul coordinator. I knew that meant I would be available 24/7. If everything went well, I would be a shoe in for E-8. I went right up to my office and called the detailer. I asked him if he was really going to let a MLC sit in a yard for 12 months. I told him that he must have a billet open somewhere. He said that he was looking for a body for the new Shenandoah. It was heading for the med. soon and he needed to find a MLC real quick. I said here I am. Two weeks later a had my orders. everyone tried to get them cancelled.I left a week before they got underway for Boston, reported to the Shenandoah on a Friday and left for the med on Monday morning.Good career move? I will never know, but I was only away from home for 6 months instead of a year. 

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