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Any of you flyboys out there remember your first flight? Mine was with vt-7 in the back seat of a t2c. After weeks of training in pensacola in the pressure chamber, and ejection seat and  all the class work I finally was scheduled for my first flight.I really felt cool in my new  flight suit legs wrapped with a g suit and my shineing new helmet.Take off was an experience of a lifetime.No one had bothered to tell me that it was a prestige thing for the pilot to make sure your first flight didn't end until you had been air sick. I had never had a problem with motion sickness before so I had a pretty good flight. My pilot was getting a little worried i guess so he had me look at the tip tank and check for fuel leakage while he was doing a roll,after the roll he went straight into a climb and then nosed her over, I remember removing my helmet and looking into it just as my g suit started inflating. my helmet wasn't so clean after that. After landing and thanking my pilot for a memorable flight I went looking for my buddy who had just come back from his first flight, I finally found him still sitting in the back seat of one of the other planes.He was still a little green around the gills and didn't want to talk to anybody. After he finally got out he went staight to the first trash can he found and threw all his flight gear in it. Guess his first flight was his last.I had several years of flying after that all of it in prop planes but I'll never forget that first flight!

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