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My father, William Towne, is a US Navy veteran from 1972 - 1976. He has made a "command" on called "Cold War Navy Veterans". William Towne was aboard the USS Francis Marion and also the USS Milwuakee. My father willingly dissappeared from not only my life, (William H. Towne, Jr. age 31), but also his Daughter, Joni L. Towne (age 33), other son Brian E. Towne (age 29), and 9 brothers and sisters and also including his mother. William Towne had a death of his brother, Kennith Towne and refused to go to his funeral. His mother had breast cancer and never once even sent a card of support. It has been 17 years since I have last seen or spoken to my father.

I noticed on this site, however, that William Towne (a.k.a. Little Bear of 413 US7N, Falls Village, CT 06031) brags of how he sends care packages to soldiers over seas, how sentimental he is to his past military experiences. What I don't understand, and maybe some of you can help with this, is why, then, does William Towne want to pretend his family does not exist? I enlisted in the United states Army as an Infantry Soldier in the DEP on 05SEP95, Left for Basic Training, and still no word from my father.....I guess he only cares about strangers? I have 3 children that are Grand children to William Towne and he wants no part of them. My Brother has 2 (soon to be 3) children and my sister has 1. William Towne with his current wife has at least 2 sons that would be my half-brothers I have never met. As soon as I sent my father a friend request on NavyVets he blocked his account to private.

I had located my Father in 2002 or so. My brother Brian and I had made an unexpected visit and knocked on his door. He had no idea who I was unitl I showed him a picture of me on his lap in 1980. He invited us in the back yard where he offered some coffee and some very short, indirect conversation. His wife, Jane Little-Bear, was in the house at this time throwing things, smashing, breaking things and kept saying that "now we have to move again". Brian and I left shortly after upon the request of my visit time....10 minutes.

What I can't understand, and maybe someone can give me some insight, is that William Towne and Jane Little Bear are both prodominant in their community for helping out vets, sending care packages overseas, Jane with her horses brags about how horse riding helps with bonding and all that (She has a lot to do with Jane Amour), yet here they are deliberately running away from not only his children, but also his entire family. Can ANYBODY make any sense of this?

The only thing I can think of is that my father made it well known as we were growing up to us kids and his family that he was a POW in vietnam, He received a Purple Heart fro getting Stabbed in the back during hand to hand combat as a Navy Seal. I found out a long time ago that these were all lies and the only thing I can assume is he was scared we would all find out he was lying about his past. Well, I don't care about that....the past is the past.....I want my father to have some type of relationship with me and his family. Can anyone make any sense of this?

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Comment by William Harry Towne, Jr. on July 5, 2010 at 4:27pm
Oh, and the picture can be seen in my photos titled William Towne Sr. Notice the ubundance of medals on his chest yet only 3 reported on his service records...and yes, I remember seing for myself the purple hearts umongst quite a few others (12 total i think?) when i was a kid, in a wooden case with a glass top , approximately 12 inches by 16 inches.
Comment by William Harry Towne, Jr. on July 5, 2010 at 3:57pm is where you can find SK3 listed as a wannabe phonie. He can deny all he wants, but notice the one picture that shows the purple heart ribbon and the vietnam ribbon. His service records shows 3 ribbons earned yet there is quite a few on his post service picture.

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