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I'm afraid that this one is not a hoax. While I have the utmost respect for our buddies, the devil dogs... I'm not ready to break with the tradition and history of the finest military force on the planet.

A North Carolina congressman has introduced a bill to add the Marine Corps’ name to the Department of Navy.

Republican Walter B. Jones has asked Congress since 2001 to change the department’s name to the “Department of Navy and Marine Corps,” thus giving the Corps “the recognition it deserves as one of the official branches of the military,” according a release from Jones’ office in Washington.

The bill, HR 24, was introduced Wednesday. Source: Navy Vets.

Share your views on this at Washington Watch. There's a poll to the right of the article.

On a side note, I really wonder if this is what our government should be working on right now. Perhaps it's time to call your local congressional representative and let them know whether or not this is important.

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Happy New Year!

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Comment by John Mahaffy on April 25, 2009 at 1:13am
Here in Vermont we have a saying: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." I note that Todd's familiar with the saying, too. Such meddling as Mr. Jones is attempting illustrates that he can have no idea of the pride, the sense of fraternity, and high regard in which career Navy and Marine Corps hold each other. Nor can he be much of a student of American history if he doesn't appreciate the rich traditions his unnecessary and unwanted interference threaten to belittle. Having had time now to calm down after my initial anger, all I can say is, Mr. Jones, keep your land-lubber hands off something you don't understand; you profane a sacred relationship by your attempted meddling!
Comment by Todd Wilson on January 20, 2009 at 3:53pm
As a US Marine, I am proud of the way the Marine Corps is titled today and all of history. There is nothing wrong with the Marine Corps falling under the Department of the Navy. It was titled that way to show that the Navy was capable of forming the most elite fighting force in the world. The Army didn't do that, the Navy did that. Let me ask you this,who trained the very first bootcamp for the Marines? Was it the Air Force or Army?
Look at it in another way, if it become "The Department of the Navy and Marines Corps", does that mean that we will soon have the Army the ships instead of Marines. Will Marines be sailors of their own ships? I hope not! There has always been a special bond between the Navy and the Marine Corps that should never be separated or divided. The Marine Corps has a very rich history of bravery and courage in battle that just might be lowered to a new stanard. The old Marine Corps verses the new Marine Corps could spell a sign of weakness as we have seen before in "Old Corps verses the New Corps".
What benefit would it be to the Marines to change their tradionals and titles? Will my children think that there was no differences between the Navy,Army and Marines twenty years down the road? I hope not but if it isn't broken,then don't try to fix it...

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