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I think we all remember cumshaw, you know you give something to get something. In civilian life it;s called grand larceny. I recall when I was aboard the Seirra and running the photo lab I had been using my own 35mm camera to take photos and it was taking a beating. When i tried to order a 35mm camera through supply I was informed I was not allowed one. Soooo...... I had to make an end run around the red tape.

Here's what I had to do: First I located a "stash" of Nikon cameras at the Fleet Photo lab on the Norfolk air station. Now, what is the one thing that most sailors like to drink.... no, not beer. COFFEE! I had a friend that worked in supply. All I had to do was develop and print two rolls of flim of his fat, naked girlfriend and a 8 X 10 of the ship and he dropped off two 20 lb cans of coffee at my apartment. Finally, the next day I told my division officer that I was going to the air station photo lab to get my camera cleaned. While the camera repairman was cleaning I asked what woukld it take to transfer a use Nikon to my photo lab.... guess what he said? You got it! He said a couple of 5 pound cans would do it, when I asked what would two 20 pound cans get me?

The man's eyes got real big. He said wait here, shortly he came back with a cheif who asked, "where's the coffee?" "I have it in my car" I said. To make a long story short the chief took brand spanking new Nikon kit (with five lenses and a spare body) out of the packing case, made a deep scratch on the bottom with his keys and said " damn things broken might as well get rid of it"

Thats how i got my camera ( BTW I still have it ).

Does anyoneelse have a story about what you had do to cumshaw something?

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Comment by Bruce E Watson on October 3, 2017 at 7:28pm

While in the shipyard for a year long overhaul, I was placed in charge of a "Tiger Team" (a group made up of the highest level of misfit from each division) to work on rehabbing the berthing and comfort areas of the ship.  As an RM1 it was a little out of my element but we got it done.  I told my guys that I would assign work to them for the day and if they got it done in eight hours, fine; if they got it done in ten, their bad; and if they got it done in six - well that meant early liberty.  They got a lot of that.

It was difficult to get lagging and tile in a timely manner, if at all.  Found a guy in the shipyard in charge of such things and made a friend.  He was a heavy smoker.  I went through the XO and got his approval to allow this guy to buy cigarettes from the Ship Store (they were about a buck a carton then).  I'd call him and say I needed 20 red (meaning twenty boxes of red tile), 20 black, 40 grey etc., along with the adhesive.  Same for lagging material.  He would say he needed 4 red (Pall Mall unfiltered) 3 gold (Pall Mall filtered) and 2 green (Kools).  He'd deliver the tile at no cost - I'd deliver the cigs and he would pay for them. Didn't cost the ship a dime. Worked throughout the entire overhaul and I learned to lay tile, including doing inlay of division logos into said tile.  Had the word cumshaw included in my evals and even made Sailor Of The Quarter during th

at overhaul.  We won't mention the insulated decking in Radio or a lot of other things that were cumshawed.

Comment by Harry D. Polny on July 13, 2009 at 6:01pm
The luger I have is a WW1 1914 artillery model made by DWM in NRA very fine. If you look at the photo you'll notice some blueing wear on the trigger plate and the muzzle and the grips are not in the best of condition. These are fairly common in that condition. A shoulder stock can be found for it but would only up the value about $300 unless it was serial numbered to the gun.
I think the model your thinking of is the 1909 navy with a six inch barrel. the model it's self is rare the stock is even more rare. A full navy rig with gun, holster, stock, mags and cleaning rod in pristine condition and all the numbers match will run $12,000 + .
Comment by Harry D. Polny on July 13, 2009 at 5:16am
Do you cast you own bullets or do you use store bought? I cast and reload my ammo, cheper that way although I don't shot as much as i used to. After I got out of the Navy I ended up in law enforcement I had the keep up my score to get proficency pay. Spent 12 years as Florida State Trooper.
Comment by Harry D. Polny on July 13, 2009 at 5:07am

This one of the lugers that collected a few years back, they've gotten so exspensive I can't afford the hobby anymore. When I bought about ten years ago I only paid $1000 for it but now it would run over $5000. I keep it a lock box at the bank.
Comment by Harry D. Polny on July 12, 2009 at 11:56pm
Thanks dave, ever do a rockwell test to see how hard it was?

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