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 by David W Asche 


There came a time aboard Hector, in the Foundry no less, when one of our new guys was enjoying the delights of his new girl friend. He was young, brash, full of piss and vinegar, but a bit....stupid.

His girl...I never laid eyes on her, or any other part of me either, Well, let's just say she had "pets".  Some people refer to them as "Tiny Livestock".

Soon, our new guy did too.

He came to morning quarters one morning and he was itching and scratching, and said he had to go to sick bay right after quarters. He came back after a while with this jar of stuff that was supposed to be the latest thing to remove a "pest" problem...

The rest of us in the Foundry went to GQ on his ass. We issued him his own chair. He was NOT ALLOWED to sit anywhere else in the shop. He was threatened with bodily harm if any of us were infested with his "private stock".

One night, he says,"Hey..Ya wanna SEE one?" 

Well, the upper shop on the Hector had a table with a white top. Yeah, it was a b**** to keep clean in the Foundry, but it was cleaned each day and was a nice, bright, white color. We ate and wrote letters and stuff at that table.

This kid reaches down in his pants and fishes one of the little bastards out and puts it on the table. Smaller than a pin head, reddish brown color, it was easy to see (DAMN, I'm starting to itch writing this!) and we all got a view of it.

Then Skip Carrington takes out his cigarette lighter and fries it. We also thought about lighting up this kids ass to get rid of them too.

He finally lost both the cooties and his girlfriend...

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