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CHAPLAIN'S CORNER NEW YEARS EDITION 2013 " New Years's Resolution Suggestions for Christians

Every year we go through the tradition of evaluating the past year and making decisions for our upcoming year. This year I would like to encourage you to think outside the box concerning your Christian New Year’s resolutions.

Instead of the stereotypical Christian New Years resolutions like reading the Bible in a year or winning more souls, which are both admirable goals, I am going to try to stir your thinking and stir your hearts to take on some goals that will build your relationship with Jesus rather than just engage in another religious activity.


Christian New Year’s Resolution #1 – Read the red and Pray for the power.


Instead of getting involved in another read the Bible through in a year program how about changing tactics? The reason we read our Bibles is not to gain knowledge. Knowledge alone is not enough and in all honesty, even in Christians, knowledge puffs up. If our intent is to get to know the Savior of our souls better and to grow in a deeper knowledge of the love of Christ towards us, then how about thinking outside the box and this year you make it a goal to read all the words printed in red in a red letter edition Bible?

 The red letters are the words of Jesus Himself. This can be done easily in 1 month’s time so you can do it 12 times in 1 year. If you read something 12 times do you think you will remember what is said? I do! Along with reading the red, pray that God will enable you by the power of the Holy Spirit to carry out what is written in the red.


Christian New Year’s Resolution #2 – Let God be in control of your appointment book.


Many Christians make New years resolutions to win more people to Jesus. To be more faithful in evangelizing their friends and families. They may start off good and actually speak up, but as the business of the year starts, this goal becomes forgotten in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Instead of making a goal of evangelizing, how about making the goal of starting every morning with the simple prayer for God to make you sensitive to His divine appointments throughout the day?

Instead of limiting your goal to just evangelism that “you make an effort about”, make your goal to be more sensitive to “Divine appointments that God is making an effort about”? On your way to work or while taking your morning shower, just ask the Lord to keep you aware of His appointments for the day. I think you will find this not only a lot more workable but will see much more fruit in the long run including leading somebody to Jesus.


Christian New Year’s Resolution #3 – Make biblical prosperity your goal.


Many people at New Year’s make resolutions to get a new job, make more money, buy a house or car, ect. They focus their attention on the world’s view of prosperity. I would like to challenge you to make biblical prosperity your goal. It is not the same thing even though many preachers have bastardized the gospel to try to make it the same.

Biblical prosperity centers in on the health and wholeness of your spirit and soul. Make this year a year that you center in on how healthy you are spiritually and emotionally. Instead of getting into more debt where that brings anxiety to your heart, work on getting out of debt.

Instead of taking on a second job just so you can have more toys, work on becoming content with what you have so you can spend more time with your children. Instead of taking a job that makes you work nights just so you can get a promotion, how about thinking outside the box and get your promotion at home by being the greatest spouse, parent, neighbor you can be? Make biblical prosperity your Christian New year’s resolution.

Christian New Year’s Resolution #4 – Random words of kindness and mercy.


In the book of James, the author writes that good water and bitter water should not come out of the same well. He is talking about the words we speak.

This year how about making a resolution that you are going to say random words of kindness and mercy to 1 person every day. That you will bless or compliment someone just because you can. Whether it be your spouse, your child, your neighbor, or the stranger standing in front of you in the grocery store, you are going to find one person every day that you can bless with words of kindness and mercy.

As the Psalmist said in Psalm 19 “May the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be pleasing to you, O Lord, My Rock and my Redeemer. What better Christian New Year’s resolution can be made than a goal of doing something that will be pleasing to our God?



  1. Before you get up each day, do you take time to pray and ask the Holy Spirit to guide and direct your activities?
  2. Do you start the day in the word of God?
  3. Do you commit to memory, Scripture verses?
  4.  Do you seek opportunities to share the Gospel with others?
  5. How much time to you spend in Prayer


Suggested Prayer List (Feel Free to change)


  • Our Political Leaders, City, State, County, Federal
  • President, The house Members, Senate members
  • Friends and Family
  • Those who need Salvation
  • Missionaries around the world
  • Persecuted Believers around the World
  • Those on Navy Veterans.Com who do not know Christ
  • Our church, Pastor, Sunday School Leaders
  • For Revival
  • For Spiritual Growth


Every Day is an opportunity to grow in the Lord. My prayer is that you will grow much in 2013 as we prepare and wait for the Master to return.


This Discussion has been created for Believers in Jesus Christ to offer suggestions for Spiritual Growth in 2013.


If you have come here and you’re not a Believer, the First Resolution should be to know Christ as Lord. It is my desire and prayer that you will.


Maybe, you believe that you want to Grow more in the lord then you did in 2012. If you are saved, you know that it is not by works, but we want to grow to be more like Christ. Ask the holy Spirit to help you in 2013

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