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I told this story to a Army National Gaurd Sgt. reserve.. and he claim we could have never sung these...

 We had an occasional cc/ chief who lead us in cadence , he was of African American Decent I remember.. He would begin, holding a boom box, loudly playing the 70' s pop song "Car Wash". We moved fast in step. He would then begin with this cadence, I know you ain't no volunteers, the DRAFT BOARDS gone and sent you here! So Sound off, Sound off, 1-2-3-4--1---2! Hard Tack , Biscuts Navy Beans, Ain't your mommas cook'n you been weaned.. so Sound OFF Sound OFF 1-2-3-4- 1 ---1---2! So if your Yeoman is a f**, let me hear that Left foot Drag...!  I Don't know but I been told Double OH Six is Good as Gold..... My national gaurd sgt coughed.. and repeated some song about Phillis Diller. he learned. a couple of years ago.. Our's was a different. time.

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Comment by ROBIN RUBEN FLORES on June 30, 2014 at 9:24pm

Sure was....never know how good things were until you get our age and look back

Comment by Gregory Charles Hunt on June 26, 2014 at 9:19pm

Some names of Navy Buddies.. I remember. Holga was our of RTC, big guy good to have around, Napier of Balboa

NRMC San Diego... He was quiet the artist, and had the odd habit of twisting his tongue when in thought or in the act of drawing. James Bentz a Am Track Tank Corpsman, who spent many days out in that desert. He had one great sense  of humor, till at last his smile faded some," Spider" McKensie,  who said, Hunt you know we is Peons, if you just stay back here and keep your head down, it'll be all right... all right... Richard M. a Ranger who I suppose I own my life, Alex Tenco.. my Tagalog mate, Tim Talley, Jerry Jerswarsky, who renamed himself  Paul Pardon.. he had a rough go of it.., and a number of others. Does any one remember a CPO Preston...Who had arrived from the Sand Box he said to teach at Balboa... also the WW 2 vets at Balboa who kept us standing night watch over the ships?

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