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I was in the Blue Jacket Choir in August-September 1967 at San Diego. What a privilege this was! It was a fun adventure and, at times, a real challenge. I also was on the whale boat who delivered Coronado to the beach of San Diego so he could "discover" California. The press was waiting for him to be delivered to the shore so the could interview him.

I believe the chief who taught us how to handle this boat was quite impressed by our eventually-learned rowing expertise. I think(?) there were nine of us who trained for an hour or so for about a week. Man could we oar that boat thru the water!

Seems I made about 5 or 6 graduations. It's really a little anti-climactic when you sing for your own graduation, huh?

I was blessed to be in the Blue Jacket Choir. Still hum the Navy Hymn every-once-in-a while and certainly "Anchors Aweigh".

God bless the BJC and all you squids everywhere!

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Comment by john w. Robertson on November 22, 2016 at 6:58pm
Hello all, I was in the BJC Nov Dec of '66. We were fortunate to be able to go to CBS to
perform on the Red Skelton Christmas Show. However I have been unable to locate
any video of the show. Anyone else on that trip?
Comment by Gary Wayne Bible on July 2, 2016 at 9:19am

I'm also amazed and a little incensed at what has happened to Nimitz over the years.  Really(?), let it lapse into disrepair?  I saw a recent YouTube of Nimitz a day or so ago.  This place looked really sad around where the barracks are.  Too bad.  Gonna see this place in about a week.  Going with wife and granddaughter to a fast-pitch tournament in San Diego.  In my spare time, I hope to revisit Nimitz and recount some of the bittersweet, hilarious, meaningful and maybe even "profound" things that happened there.  I'll also say a prayer for all you 4007 (I think that was the number) BJC mates plus the Drum and Bugle Corp.  These were units that reflected real esprit de corp!  G Bible     

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