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SK3 William Towne (Creator of a few commands on, to include Cold War Veterans) has either made himself invisible to me or has deleted himself completely from this website. I thinnk it had something to do with me posting 1., that he was a dead-beat dad and 2., that he is GUILTY OF THE STOLEN VALOR ACT. He had worn with pride for years the following medals:

Navy Commendation Medal, Purple Heart, Navy Mertorious Unit Commendation, Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal (Cuba), National Defense Service Medal, Vietnam Service Medal, Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal, Prisoner of War Medal. (Look at tge picture. The one with only three ribbons ( only two authorized in his record are the Good Conduct Medal and the National Defense Medal)

yet this next pic was taken sometime after seperation of the US NAVY, my my how the medals grew

feel free to zoom in on the medals and research them if you wish, if you noticed the way I had listed them is the order they appear on the chest starting from top left. (

For years, I would listen to my father as I was a child of him telling people he was a Navy Seal in Vietnam. He was wounded in hand to hand compbat and he was a POW. I remember stories he would tell of him in bamboo tiger cages. On the POWnetwork, he is listed there as a wannabe/phonie. this is a sample list of service record for SK3 William Towne (if pdf doc. isn't showing, click preceeding link)

William Towne (a.k.a. Little Bear) 413 US7N, Falls Village, CT 06031 in case anyone wants to pursue the Stolen Valor Act on him. I tried for years to communicate with my father to be met with hostility once in 02 and to be ignored on this site. Well, Gloves are off Dad, Let's air out some laundry. Time to take responsibilty for your words and actions. I assume you never told any of your lies (too much) on here cause someone may know the truth. However, in the public, it's a different story. I hope someone has the time to persue the lies you've told all your life and convict you of the stolen Valor Act unless you can publicly apologize (on this site to start)

ANYONE WHO IS FRIENDS WITH WILLIAM TOWNE, I would be interested to know if he with drew completely from this site or if he just blocked me all together. Curiousity more than anything, he abandoned me 17 years ago so hiding from me on this site isn't going to hurt me any more than he already has in life.

LET ME MAKE THIS CLEAR!!! I AM NOT A DISGRUNTLED FAMILY MEMBER>>>>abandoned, yes, BUT WHAT I STATED ARE FACTS WITH PICTURES TO PROVE HE WEARS RIBBONS HE HAS NOT EARNED!!!! He never was a POW, Never a navy SEAL, never in Vietnam, never near vietnam nor ever had he earned a PURPLE HEART. The picture shos him baring these proudly, what kind of man does he seem to be now, .....WILLIAM TOWNE, I'M SURE A LOT OF PEOPLE HERE ARE AWAITING AN APOLOGY!

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Comment by William Harry Towne, Jr. on July 16, 2010 at 6:46am
I hope there is a lot of things my father could straiten out in his life, not only as to why he felt the lies of his time in service were neccessary, but also to sit down and figure out exactly why it is he felt the need to astrange his onw blood relations, not only his children, but his brothers, sisters and mother. i loved my father very much, I respected him and hung on his every word, after he went MIA,, I was spun into a dimension of heartbreak, confusion and depression never experienced before. Though i had come to terms with it years ago, it now agrivates me more than anything that someone could abandon their family and have no desire to meet their own grand children. The only thing i can think of is that he chose to disassociate from everyone the time the internet started coming out of it's infancy, and I feel that he knew it was a matter of time before someone stumbled across his lies. I see he never spoke of such lies and stayed truthful on this an extent...but that's only because there may be someone on here that would be able to call b*******. When I posted that picture of him donning the ribbons and I spelled out each one, he totally removed himself from this sight, all of his comments are gone, he is no longer listed as having a home page. The very least he could have done was offer an apology visible to everyone on for the lies he had told all his life. I let him know he was listed on the POWNETWORK's sight as a wannabe phonie, so maybe, if he has any sense of morals, he will issue an apology there.....time will tell
Comment by Douglas Karr on July 15, 2010 at 10:54pm
This is really unfortunate and dishonors all who did wear the ribbons righteously. So sorry that you had to write this, William, but it's much appreciated. I hope your father can find the help he needs to figure out what would compel him to do this.
Comment by William Harry Towne, Jr. on July 11, 2010 at 10:07pm
my father, as the creator of Cold War Veteran's Command,, if innocent of what I say, would surely have defended my accusations instead of removing himself and all comments ever left on this website. D. John, I graciously accept your friendship though the honor is all mine. I respect EVERY serviceman, enlistedman or Officer (yeah, I said no matter how "trivial" they believed their job to be. There is no need for embelishing what anyone does for EVERY person makes it possible for a boat to float and operate, EVERY person makes it possible for a helicopter to fly into compbat, EVERY person has a part in letting the tanks and soldiers be victorious over our enemies. There is never a job in the military that anyone would ever look down are there to protect and serve your country, you are there when others refused to be, you are there to make sure to do your part in allowing our children, our friends, and all the people we know stay free from foreign and domestic enemies. I never saw combat while i was in the army, and maybe it's the demented side of me, but I wish I had. I am actually planning on re-enlisting within the next year or so, and though much older, I wish to see combat. I may rethink this position if ever found myself in a conflict, but this is where I stand now. I would NEVER dream of "glorifying" myself by stating I have done things I haven't. It's major lies as such that discredit everything you've ever done and will do. (the little white lies to the wife about "does this make me look fat", those are still ok, better to fib on that then tell the truth......experience there, unfortunately...LOL)
Comment by John (Blue Eagle) Maddalena on July 11, 2010 at 5:01pm
I sincerely support you in your decision to let folks know about your father. I am truly sorry for what he has done to you and his country. I respect your moral position on this matter, and your feeling towards POW/MIA/KIA. My Grandfathers instilled the same morals and beliefs in me. I salute you Sir, and you have my highest respect for you and hope you will honor me with your friendship…..Vietnam Era Navy Veteran- John (Blue) Maddalena
Comment by William Harry Towne, Jr. on July 11, 2010 at 1:11pm
It's really sad that the same man that instilled the morals and beliefs I have for POW/MIA/KIA Soldiers and vets would be one of the ones he told me was the largest scum of the earth. Though it was difficult to tell the truth of my father publicly, my conscience would not let me not to. I had noticed since I posted this, SK3 William Towne has deleted his account; was the link for his profile, i see it is no longer.
Comment by John (Blue Eagle) Maddalena on July 11, 2010 at 7:41am
I salute you Sir for bringing this matter to our attention… is a disgrace for this man or any man to do this……hell a lot of us catch hell for saying we are Vietnam Vets, when we served proudly during the Vietnam War Era…..he will get his, the hounds will hunt him down…….Blue
Comment by William Harry Towne, Jr. on July 8, 2010 at 4:13am
He has Disabled American Veteran's plates on his Land Rover reg. # 232V

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