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Best VA loan that I have found to date! One of the few benefits that are still good!

To all my Navy Brothers and Sisters

I like to let people know when I get a benefit that actually works for me.  I had several bankers tell me I had to bring the 16k to the table!  I didn’t really feel like that was a VA benefit because I could do a little better on the conventional market.  I also had a heck of a time with other brokers to get me a 15-year loan!  They really didn’t listen to my goals or needs.

 Jennifer had a program that was able to roll the funding fee into the loan no money at closing!  I had already used my benefit once so don’t let them tell you they can’t it’s because they are not working with the right lender.

 My rate went from 6.375 to 3.875 for a 15-year jumbo loan!

The fee paid including the VA funding fee was $16K (Same as the others)

The savings over a 10 year period will be 300K in comparison to the 2 loans paid off through closing.  MBA’s remember in finance class PV Get = PV Give-up  --My get is 300K more in my pocket.

There is a six-month seasoning and you can Streamline the loan as long as it would result in a lower monthly payment or a shorter term.  So if the rate is less than 3.8 I can lock again saving more money!

Update Sept 2017!  4 years ago I did this loan and if you saw my recommendation you might have called Jennifer!  Since I closed on this 4 years ago the loan provider Quicken Loans re-worked my loan once in the first year.  I now have 11.2 more years to go and a rate of 3.25 down from 3.875!  Is it tough to do a 15-year loan the answer is yes it is a little out of my comfort zone for my payment but I will be 63 when it is paid off versus 78!  This will give me more options during retirement so overall I am still glad I did this loan and hope many of you took the same path!




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Tell Jennifer Sean Duley FC2 recommended her and you need a similar or better deal.

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