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while i have some time to speak on this,, i guess i should.

blew about 12 years in az, used to have a ranch in cali.

it was leased land, but most that worked it were illegals that worked it. not by our choice,, after my dad passed on, me and my bro took it over for a short time.

i have to digress,, as kids when we stayed at the ranch it was in a motorhome as the ranch house was rented out to a really great family. we,, me my dad and my bro, actually took pics of the workers stealing everything that wasnt bolted down. our tenants at the property used to make concrete lawn orniments. no, they didnt stop at stealing the lawn ornaments but allso the molds. .

i grew up with alot of great people,, some who where illegals. so please do not think i am bashing anyone etc.

but i think that if you are here illegally, move, do it the right way.

prolly get kicked for these opinions,, but,, it is how i feel.

we all took an oath when we joined up, somehow i never did see a foreign flag there.

we took an oath to this country, our people, and to each and everyone in this country.

thats an American citizen, to protect them from all threats foreign and domestic.

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Comment by airman , retired, johnson on July 19, 2010 at 6:44am
wanted to say ty for the replys, i spent from 95 till about 08 in phx area. hit and miss a bit, as i did other things out of state and country.
Comment by G. N. Benefield, MA1 on June 29, 2010 at 12:03am
Born and raised in Tucson, served 22 years and have lived 62 years (this year) enforcing and living by the rule of law.

3,500 people have been killed since January as a result of the border situation. My calculator tells me this is near the same ratio as our losses in Vietnam. Who can argue with you Airman?

Comment by airman , retired, johnson on June 27, 2010 at 3:33pm
ty mr coy and your friends,, as i said i had been in az for about 12 years, from aug of 95 till give or take 03,, off and on in the last few years lol. ty for the responce i appreciate it, will have to change my settings so i know when someone replys to one of my unpopular commoments,
i was in boot when katrina happened, and followed up with rita, to injured to be sent home, i seen alot of my shipmates go home to take care of there families, we got the news way late in the barracks. we learned that the only base for the sea bees was under 15ft of water, and that our processing out was going to take longer till they dug it out. at the time i could allmost stand so i would have more then willingly gone down there to help out my fellow ship mates, even asked to do so, i was told that cus of my med board status i could not, they needed oporatorers, that knew how ro run equipement, not alot of rookies,, not knocking any that was there just saying, a few extra hands where offered,, lol and us that where med boards did try to help as we are all ship mates.
i was in cali when the first immigration law was passed by 80% of the voters to cut all illegal immigrants from all things,,, i was a kid then, but i knew the idea of that law.
plane and simple, follow the law.
i had a good friends of mine that when this law was passed that i found out was an illegal, ,,, not to be harsh or mean but i said good bye to her.
yes this country is based off off imigrants, but allso from take over
we cannot deny our past, but at least own up to it and stop saying,, sorry i didnt know,, suck it up we are Americans, yes we have done some bad things, but our good to all out weights our past
only obama says sorry for our past, he sends the queen of england an ipod filled with his speaches while bidden sends back the bust of churchill
yeah that was coll or my fav to make up for that he sends ove dvds of movies the queeen cannot even watch,, and not even good ones at that.

i went i bit off score,
so mr coy, i spent as i told you many years there, in az, phx, just scroll up and once again you will see it.
be good and safe

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