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Calling all mechs to post jet engine discussions and stories.

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Comment by Marvin R. Lucas on December 16, 2012 at 9:07pm

joined  the navy in 74 ret in 94 iwa stationed at VT31 at NAS Corpus Christi Texas in 1974,i started as a nondesiginated striker,iworked in ti the beq as a coup cleaner and then on to the flight line where i became a plane captain on the TS-2A Tracker a R1830 double engine airplaine,from there i went into power plants where i worked for approx 2 months with my older broher before he got out after 3 years, i worked in the hanger on the flightline as a troubleshooter, and then i was sent to the tool room where i picked up AD3, i stayed there until i re enlsted the first time for six years and i watched as the TS-2A was transition to the beech T-44a , from VT31 i went to VF-211 at NAS Miramar in San Die go Cal. my first taste of sea duty, we flew the F-14A  jet fighter,this aircraft had two TF-30-p-414s afterbuner engines, my first jet.

I went to sea two westpacs on the U.S.S. Connsetelation CV-64, I worked as a mess deck master at arms and as a mechanic on the first cruise and became a shellback, i worked on the flifght deck, as a troubleshooter.

second cruise on the connie i worke in aimd on night shift and did alot of engine tests on the test cell,it was here i got some experieance on the TF34,J52,,as well as the engine for the A-7 Corsair.

my next shore duty was back here at NAS Corpus Christi Texas with VT27 flying T28 Trojans single engine R1820 Propeller aircraft, i worked in powerplants,wash rack and phase crew, it was here i piccked up AD2, i was also low power turn up qualified,i re-uped for anothe six years and back to california i went same squadron as before VF-211- F14a TF30p414 engines onboard the U.S.S. KITTY HAWK CV63,i sailed two west-pacs and it was here that i spent 3 months in the phillipines working at the jet shop (AIMD) BEACH DET

from here i went to HSL -31 NA North Island flying SH2 LAMPS anti submarine heicopter, i stayed there until i went to VF-211 during Desert Storm and sailed on the U.S.S. NIMITZ CVN68 my first and only nuke carrier,

i retired in 1994 and today i am working as a civilian worker at Corpus Christi Army Depot working on the T-700 engine for the blackhack and apache helecopters. i did have some good times when i was in, made alot of good friends and i got to see the world from the pacific to the alantic via the suez canal GO NAVY

Comment by Ronald Lee Froman on November 4, 2012 at 11:45pm

My first aircraft that I qualified as a plane captain was the T33B.  I was in Atsugi, Japan, and felt quite proud of myself when I was signed off as a qualified Plane Captain.  I remember one time I had preflighted one of our planes, and was waiting for the Pilot and Co-pilot to show up.  My buddy and me decided to get up in the plane and check out the radio, even though that was not part of the preflight.  I got in the front seat, and he got in the back.  While we were talking of the radio, he asked me if this was the plane that was scheduled to go out.  I said it was, and he started laughing, then asked me if I was sitting on a seat.  I said "of course I am'" and he said, "Well, I'm not!"  I got out and looked, and sure enough, there wasn't a rear ejection seat.  About this time I see the Pilot & Co Pilot coming out of the Line Shack, along with my Crew Leader, and just knew I was toast.  I met them about half was and pulled my Crew Leader to the side and told him there wasn't any seats in the plane.  After he got through yelling at me, the Pilot said, maybe you'll fly with no ejection seat, but we won't.  My Crew Leader started calling me "Cool" after that, and it stuck the whole time I was their.  Not a real positive mark on my resume!

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