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does any of you old molders have the original founry manual or the 3&2 and !st&chiefs books?will be going in front of a board for asbestos exposure. Been fifghting the VA since 2000. just need copies of the front covers and the pertinent pages.VA said that they do not think its service related. Where do they think I got it? In my living room?They want me to quit trying or die, but I have news for them. I will take it to the Supreme Court if I have to. It has become a matter of principle now. Would greatly appreciate any help from any of the navy elite. anyone can call me. 3869868332.

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Comment by geoffrey wicks on June 8, 2013 at 8:45pm

keep on fighting...I just found out that i have some asbestos in my right lung and am haviving alot of breathing problems lately..going to start a claim with the VA here soon .. I was a hull technician on board floating drydocks my whole time in..we used to take asbestos blankets and wrap ourselfs in them to keep from getting burnt in confined spaces

Comment by jo perkins on June 1, 2013 at 9:14am

today I received emails from david asche, with copies of pages from the molder 3&2 and foundry manual. the use of asbestos was prevolent. now I'll see what the VA thinks of it. thank you so much David. you are a true shipmate.

Comment by David W Asche on May 8, 2013 at 3:19pm

You got your DD214?  It should show you were a Molder.  It should also show your duty stations, ships you served on etc.

Dan Brown sent me his copies of the Foundry Manual and Molder 3/2 and 1st and Chiefs books.  What you need them for?  I don't wish to part with them, but they also do not say much about the Asbestos we all used.

Lots of guys are trying to get that kind of legal thing going, and I SHOULD have Mesothelioma, but damned if I know why I do not have it.

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