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When more bodies began to arrive, we had one hell of a shop. First was a young kid right out of A school by the last name of Brown. He was small and thin. He couldn't have weighed much more than a 14x14 bench mold. He worked hard, but the Navy just wasn't all that suitable for him. First off when he went to sleep, nothing would wake him. I was nalways telling him that with the almost daily fires we had on that old ship, it was dangerous. Myself, if we lost power in the middle of the night , I came awake. Anyway next we got in a ML2 by the name of Don Reed.He looked like Hoss on the bonanza tv show. He was shorter, but built like a bear. No neck. The civialian procurement program was in full swing. He worked at a aluminum factory, but all he did was start and stop a conveyed belt.He came in as a ML2. Never having seen a sand mold. Then came Jerry wright. Same thing. He had been in before as an airdale, but worked in a foundry outside, doing maintanence.he was 6ft.2". Had a huge handle bar mustache.The captain loved it.Then we got in a young kid out of A school. I forget his , but he stood 6ft5in.A very hard worker.Then we got in a amn that I was with on the Canopus in the 60's. He was an MM2 then. Claiborne Carter. He stood 6ft9in. Thay had to order medical bed for him, because the standard rack did not fit him. Thaat was it . Me and two other A school graduates that had seen a mold.Bright held class every morning before we went to work. Quite an experience.

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