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ABSOLUTE BEARING--Maximum Hazard at Sea

How do you avoid collision at sea?

You’re steaming alone on a ship of the line through a violent storm at midnight, plowing into fifty foot waves that crash over the bow onto the navigation bridge.  Winds whip the ship port to starboard and everything in the pilot house becomes a dangerous missile.

Then, all of sudden, radar spots Skunk Alpha approaching from beyond five thousand yards.  You follow her track, constant bearing decreasing range, until radar dies and one man goes missing from CIC.

You’re in charge as ships draw dangerously closer. What do you do?  How do you avoid being in extremis, the situation everybody at sea wants to avoid.

This is the opening of ABSOLUTE BEARING,  a searing story of fatality at sea, tense court room drama and the search for redemption for the young officer-of-the-deck Lt. Stephen Wheatley.

The Caine Mutiny meets The Poseidon Adventure.

How would you have lived with the consequences of not calling the Captain when his Night Orders so dictated? How do you redeem your honor and good bearing?

This is the story of Absolute Bearing--growing beyond the arrogance that resulted in tragedy.


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Read Chapter one at "Look Inside"

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Comment by francis mickey doyle on March 1, 2014 at 11:24pm

try re arming with an  ammo ship and a oiler to port and the oiler loses the uss enterprise when we had a fire in the resistor house.a couple of destroyers lost steering nothing but fun,fun, it was yesterday only 50 years later.

Comment by James Franklin Benson on December 5, 2013 at 6:02pm

Been there,done that many times,but always woke up the ole man& let him worry about it.

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