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A WARNING to any who want to use "Publish America" to get their book printed.


by David W Asche 

I submitted my book to these PIRATES and now I am "paying" for it. These people have STOLEN THOUSANDS of manuscripts from good people and ripped them off for THOUSANDS of dollars in royalties and property. The only books they sell are the ones the authors themselves buy. They do NOT market the books as they advertise. Their contract is a joke, until you try to make them do what it says. Then they laugh at you for signing it.

Don't believe me? Google search "Scams by Publish America" and read for yourself the stories, including MINE now, about all of it. Lots of web sites and personal statements.

Over 14,000 people, that we know of, have been ripped off and all sorts of legal actions have been tried to get their works back to them. I am trying to organize another attempt to take these thieves and liars down.

I am UNABLE to get my manuscript back even though I was ASSURED that it would be no problem. They have used the US MAIL to KNOWINGLY perpetrate their crimes and fraud.

"Publish America" is in Frederick, Maryland and is a criminal organization. Do NOT send your hard work to these frauds. Trust me. I know.


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