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A December to Remember...........for me, especially.

At this time, everyone is gearing up for their own special celebrations. Dinners are planned, presents bought & wrapped in colorful paper & bows/ribbons, etc. Furniture is moved &/or stored, to make room for visitors. Trees even get their once over, to make sure that they give off that special holiday glow necessary for particular festivities. Christmas cards mailed, after the all important update of mailing lists. Yep, this time of year becomes a flurry of activity for many households everywhere.

Normally, the same could be said about my home. Not this year. We (my wife & I) put presents on layaway. be sent on Monday. Dinner plans...........none, zip, nada, aint none. I'll explain in a minute. Decorations.........not up. Tree? None. Furniture moving, nope. Presents being wrapped as we speak, partly. Bows & ribbons will be left off for a short time.

I can hear a few of you scratching your heads & asking yourselves out loud, "That's not like Dutch at all. He posted a blog last year, explaining all the quirks & pains, that his house goes thru for the holidays. He specifically pointed out, how hectic things can get, when you have to do that last minute running around to get everything"Just Right" before the big shindig hits". Well my friends of the Navy Blue persuasion, I will not...NOT be celebrating the holidays at home this year. It's my turn to let someone else do all of the above mentioned "running around". make it just that much more special..........I became a grandpa again, for the 8th time, on December 12, 2009. A 6 lb 1 ounce baby boy was born into the family & I'm gonna spend my Christmas holding him. I don't need any presents for Christmas because mine is here already. I can hardly contain myself. My wife..........well, let's just say that she's all smiles. The phone has been ringing off the hook constantly, just adding to her smile.

The down side to it all, we are driving to western New York this year. Airfares were just too high & our car gets over 35mpg, so what the hay. It's only 15 or 16 hours on the road. Soooooooo, my task is getting the stuff jammed into the car, checking it out thoroughly to make sure that it's highway worthy, tying up loose ends here & hitting the road on Wednesday, December 16th.

So, my friends, to sum it all up. There is a Santa Claus & he's already been to my daughter's house. He may have resembled a stork but he does exist.

I just wanted to stop for a minute & tell each & everyone of my brothers & sisters of Uncle Sam's ever loving canoe club, as well as those in ALL branches of the military, from this crusty ole salts home to yours;

Have a Very Merry Christmas and the Happiest of all the New Year's. To those abroad, keep your butts down, kick butt, don't bother taking names, & get the hell home safe & sound...........WHERE YOU BELONG!!!


P.S. Just a little info to add, there's another baby boy on the way. He's due in Feb. 2010. Number 9. Dutch looks down at his chest, "Yep, plenty of room in there for another baby to love & spoil."

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