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First, what the heck is blogging? Blogging is nothing more than a journal. It's where you can put down your thoughts - perhaps on the politics of the day, the military, or even sharing a great story with everyone. Blog posts will be displayed on your "Footlocker" and also shared on the home page as they are written.

That's right, when you right a blog post, all the members will see it on the home page, which shows the most recent posts. Or - you could mark it so only your shipmates see it. You can even mark it as "Just Me" and use it as a personal diary. As well, you can open or close the post to comments.

Blog posts are different than Scuttlebutt in that it's usually you wanting to share something with everyone to read. Scuttlebutt may be you reaching out and asking for help. Perhaps you notice I'm missing a Command that you should join and want to request it. Perhaps you're having problems finding your way around NavyVets. Don't feel bad, technology can be pretty daunting - I'd love to help you out.

You may have noticed that there's now a store up

Everything is for sale for $1.00 over the cost of the item and each $1.00 will be donated to the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Fund.

Here's a deal:

The first member to write a blog post, the first person to start some scuttlebutt, and the first person to get 5 shipmates to join will have a nice mug sent to them compliments of me!

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