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I sent this out as a broadcast email earlier today (with a spelling error... argh!):

I wanted to take this opportunity to express my thanks for being an early adopter and one of the first members on NavyVets, the social network for the United States Naval Veteran.

NavyVets isn't owned and operated by some media giant who badmouths our military in public and then sells their data for advertising dollars - NavyVets is owned by a Naval Veteran!

2008 promises to be a banner year for vertical social networks. In 2007, as MySpace and Facebook experienced record growth, niche social networks became the buzz. But this next year should see many exciting niche social networks that focus embers around subject of interest. I hope NavyVets will become the network of choice for anyone who has proudly served in the United States Navy.

My goal is to give you a powerful new platform to let you share memories and reunite with others you served with. Together, we can preserve the history of the USN as we saw it and we can pass on our great memories to new generations of proud sailors!

Happy New Year and Go Navy!

Douglas Karr (Owner, Administrator, and US Navy Veteran)

P.S. Please be sure to join your Commands (click the Command tab and search for anywhere you've been stationed - then click Join). And be sure to invite all of your shipmates! You can invite them directly from your Command after you join it!

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