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Unsure how to do this, but here goes.....all I ever heard when my husband was in the Navy stationed in Newport, RI was the following, "If the Navy wanted you to have a wife, they would have issued you one in your duffle bag!" Is that saying still around? What all is in those duffle bags anyways? I remember I was in quarantine in the base hospital in Newport. I had hepatitis. I remember wanting to just die. I was so sick & they never knew how I got it in the first place. I kept telling the doctor's I was sick & no one believed me. They even made an appointment for me to go to the base shrink! I was drug out of bed & taken to a picnic one day & I remember the host telling my husband I did not look good my eyes were all yellow. (Like I had spent weeks trying to tell everyone I was ill. I protested going to the picnic but everyone thought I was crazy & just needed to get out of bed.) They took me to the hospital. I was admitted & spent weeks recoverying. Never did get to the shrinks office! HA Maybe they should issue some medical books in those duffle bags! HA Actually everyone was very nice to me after I was near death with a reason!

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Comment by Rebecca L. Simpson on April 11, 2008 at 9:25am
Hello Sherwin, guess I am not too good at this. I had been away for awhile. Sorry to hear your former girlfriend deserted you, but sounds like she did you a favor! I think my husband found a girl in every port that was why he eventually became an "X"! LOL's. These things sometimes happen in life but they do give you more opportunities to enlighten your way through life. WOW visiting friends all the way from Ohio to California. That is nice they you made such great friends to stay in touch with today. Loosing a parent is always so sad. Keep in touch.
Comment by SHERWIN W. HILL on December 13, 2007 at 2:07pm
i was not married when i was in the navy my girl friend found a new boy friend when i was in boot camp , but being a country boy from a small town MARIETTA OHIO i was glad ,because that let me be able to do what i wanted. once we were able to hit the beach .i sure lived it up along with friends from the USS.NEPTUNE and talking about a girl in every port that sure was true us. i have keep in touch with a good friend BUD GREATHOUSE he was one of my friends on the ship . my wife and i went to see him last summer and his family the first time in 37 years he now lives in LIVERMORE CALF. while we were there a other ship mate BOB MALLOW came down to see us .sure was a nice reunion , but any way sure glad that everything turned out the way it did and would do it all over again if i had to so just wanted to add my 2 cents in SHERWIN HILL MARIETTA OHIO P.S. the hardest thing about it all was when my father died and had to leave and go home
Comment by Rebecca L. Simpson on December 10, 2007 at 12:19am
Sorry to hear about your wife (now ex). Actually I think most military enlisted families were broke. We were very poor, but too poor to notice...never made sense to me the politicans make all kinds of money, benefits & pensions. They engage us in war & the military that they send off to settle their disputes are so underpaid it is a sin! Go figure! Remembered another thing that use to happen to us & I wondered if it still goes on today. If I would be standing in the check out line on base grocery store & if an officer's wife came into the line no matter how long it was she got to go to the head of the line. Now if they didn't care if the wife existed if she wasn't issued in the duffle bag...then why could anyone jump line! HA
Comment by Douglas Karr on December 9, 2007 at 11:36am
I have much respect for the Navy Wife. I hadn't ever heard of that saying, but I do know my wife (now ex) and I would have benefitted from some more advice! We were definitely broke for the first few years and my time out at sea enabled her addictions to take the best of her - eventually resulting in our separation and divorce.

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