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Last week, a co-worker was murdered in cold blood, as he left his work place. A coward, for reasons only known to him, was waiting just around the corner of the building. He was dressed all in black and wearing a black stocking mask. When Brandon walked out of the building, this coward stepped out and ripped off 15-20 rounds......from of all AK-47, at approximately 30feet away from him. As Brandon put his hand up, as if to sheild his face, he lost over half of his fingers along with most of his face. The police were just blocks away and responded when they heard the shots. The coward was gone, of course, when they arrived. And of course, no one saw a thing, even though it was only 9:15pm and the street in front of the store is always busy until around midnight.

It wasn't that long ago when a person had a "beef" with you, the two of you went at it using your fists. No guns, no knives, no grenades, etc. When it was over, you went home and broke out the iodine and band aids. The next day, both parties bragged about how bad they had womped the other. Now, you look at someone the wrong way.........bang, they have already pulled a gun and took a pot shot at you. Cut someone off on the highway, get ready for retaliation.

I hear all the time about people owning AK-47's, M-16's, SKS's, etc. and how they have them because they collect guns. Many may be collectors, but I also have seen these other "collectors" at gun shows walking out with cases of ammo and/or reloading equipment. And because the law restricts the amount of ammo that can be bought at one time, they resort to paying friends to buy ammo for them. Why? Why have cases and cases of assault rifle ammo? Some of these people even insult my intelligence further when I ask them why so much ammo and/or owning assault rifles. I'm told that they sometimes use them to hunt. OMG!!! When did Bambi start wearing kevlar? When did Bambi start carrying?

I own a few guns myself. Partly because I do collect them, but I mainly own weapons to protect my home and family....period. No if's, and or but's about it. Someone breaks into my home, I will kill them. But my guns stay at home. Period. They never leave the house. And no matter how pissed I get at someone, I'm never going to go to their job and lay in waiting for them.

Has our society actually started to resort to barbaric thoughts and behaviors because someone p***** us off. And for whatever reason, if the persons involved had prior military experience, they're suddenly thrust into the picture as battle weary, border line pyschotics. Is this what our world is reverting to? These were exactly the things that went thru my head as a friend and co-worker was laid to rest. Last question, does that coward that ended this young man's life, sleep. Does he not have nightmares about what he did? Makes you wonder, huh? What I do know, is Brandon's children don't sleep very well.


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Comment by Douglas Karr on August 28, 2008 at 12:07pm
I don't doubt that it's a possibility at all, Rick. Who knows what goes on at those Bilderberg conferences!

With so many folks trying to yell louder than the other to argue rather than come to a respectful agreement, it's nice to have an important discussion like this here at Navy Vets!
Comment by Rick "Dutch" Wegman on August 27, 2008 at 10:11pm
My feelings about foreign affairs are a little bit different. I firmly believe that Pres. Bush is only continuing what his father had started. And I believe what his fathers agenda was to place a puppet regime in Iraq, like was done in Iran many decades ago, with Saddam Heussein as an excuse, per se, for going over there. True, he did commit attrocities on the people there. BUT.....why wait for so long to act on what was happening? Essentially, both Bushes have tried to make Iraq an annex of the USA, to make oil easier and even cheaper for us and make money off of the rest of the world. The attrocities and weapons of mass destruction were a smoke screen. Look how long we've had our people there, fighting and dying, and still no weapons of mass destruction. Bunkers...........yes. The country has many, many bunkers, BUT...........what happened to the ever reliable intell.? What is happening in Iraq, could have and would have happened in Iran if the embassy had not been taken over and hostages taken.

Bear in mind, these are just my thoughts, but I was over there in 1979 and 1980 and 1981. It was obvious to us then what was the REAL reason behind the hostility. And I told a few guys with me, that the crap was far from over. There was going to be a war, either with Iran or Iraq in the near future. I was off by almost 10 years. I'm not Nostradomis, ya know. LOL Anywho.

Also, thank you for your kind words about Brandon.

Comment by Douglas Karr on August 27, 2008 at 8:44pm

I forgot to add how terrible this loss of life is. I'll pray for Brandon's family. I'm sorry for your loss as well.

Comment by Douglas Karr on August 27, 2008 at 8:37pm
One of the problems of being a great country like the U.S. is that 'their' problems eventually become 'ours'. A huge part of the Al Qaeda recruitment process is finding young men with no hope, no families and getting them to believe it's America's fault. I have to respectfully disagree - we do need to go in and fix these problems. Otherwise, those problems fester and we wind up needing to go in and kill them later before they kill us. It's a terrible reality.

On the gun side, I'm with you Rick. But keep in mind, the fear of 'barbaric' behavior is what got us here. My father told me many sea stories of putting on the gloves when you had a problem with someone else. We don't let children fight anymore... it's called 'assault'... even if it happens on the grade school lot. It's ridiculous.

So kids grow up without Dads, never put up their fists to defend themselves, and eventually get into a gang where they pick up a free gun or one for $25. No wonder they wind up shooting each other.
Comment by Tim Gulliford on August 27, 2008 at 8:17pm
"It's about time that the politicians started fixing our country instead of wasting our peoples lives "fixing" other countries problems."

Have you heard what the libs are stating? They are stating we, the United States, needs to conform to the rest of the world. Since when do WE conform to them?

I agree that we need to stop fixing other countries and take care of our own.
Comment by Rick "Dutch" Wegman on August 27, 2008 at 6:21pm
My thoughts exactly. Here in the Midwest, we're being over run by illegals and the cops do nothing. They know that they don't even have licenses, insurance, etc and look the other way. And I totally agree with what you said about the cost of wars and the lives lost. It's about time that the politicians started fixing our country instead of wasting our peoples lives "fixing" other countries problems. Appreciate your comment, Tim.
Comment by Tim Gulliford on August 27, 2008 at 4:46am
Keep in mind, a lot of these types of killings are not from normal ordinary Americans. A lot have come from illegal aliens who are drowning our society with drugs and violence. The news will not report it but they sure like to keep count on how many of our Brave men and women die in the War. They sure keep count of how much money is spent on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan but they will not point out how much money is going to illegal aliens in all types of ways. Gee, I wonder why hospitals are closing here in California. I wonder why Cities are starting to file bankruptcy....and the list can go on and on...

Here is another sad story about what you posted. This time, it is in the sanctuary city for illegals of San Francisco. A father and his two sons were gunned down in broad day light over a traffic situation. The coward used an AK47 to kill all three.

I do not like McCains position on illegals but he sure as heck will not take our guns away. I do not have Semi-autos but what I do have will take care of any fool who walks into my house.

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