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Evreyone that knows me, will tell you that I love to laugh and have fun. Sure, I have witnessed a lot of sad things, just like a lot of other people that served in the Navy. And, without a doubt, many have witnessed more than anyone should. We have to let those bad times go. We have to move forward. Those that passed would never allow us to dwell on the negative part of life.

Once we stop smiling and enjoying life, we cease to exist. We no longer can say we are living. I've lost a lot of very good friends while I was serving. I miss them...........a lot, but I know that they would expect me to remember them as they were before their demise, if you will. God only knows, when I breath my last, people will remember me for my belief and grasp their lives even tighter. This is my wish to them.

Hopefully, no one will be offended by my thoughts here or feel that my posting my videos are inappropriate, but I love making people smile. And hopefully, these videos succeeded in my attempt. I welcome any and all comments, from all persons.

Take care.


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Comment by Tim Gulliford on August 2, 2008 at 2:41pm

I actually did exactly what you wrote about when watching the video's; I laughed.
No offense taken in any form and it is safe to say we all agree with your thoughts.
With today's volatile world, laughter can heal the soul. As adults, we seem to lose sight of what it means to just shrug off the small stuff and laugh.

Great post!
Comment by Hook Albright on August 2, 2008 at 1:22pm
Very true...We have aged but those we lost are forever young, JUST as we remember them....Those were the days.

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