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Happy Independence Day!

Besides living in Canada for 6 years, I’ve had the privilege of traveling to Germany and France when I was young. With business, I traveled and worked with companies in Iceland, France, the UK, and Italy. In the Navy, I did humanitarian operations throughout the Bahamas and Puerto Rico. We also did joint training operations in Europe with the UK, France, and Israelis. I served in Desert Shield and Desert Storm, spending time in Egypt, Israel, United Arab Emirates…


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Avoid The Rush!

I always thought that meant the ‘rush’ of folks that were on their way to do the same thing you were doing. I was wrong as I found out when watching the History Channel on a history of the Icebreaker!

The U.S.R.C. Rush was a United States Coast Guard Cutter sent off the Alaskan coast to put a stop to the whaling and hunting of seals outside the federally allotted season. At the time, the Seal population was being…


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The Greatest Man I Know

I've never met another person in my entire life that has had as much integrity as my father. In his life, he was wronged by many people that he helped out - and never held a grudge. He never lied. He never cheated. He never tried to short anyone for his own gain.

My father found a relationship with God after he lost everything - and has gone to Church every Sunday for…


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Expectations of the United States vs. Islam

A friend and I were discussing the crisis the United States has in the Middle East and he brought up a great observation. When 9/11 occurred, the United States was rightly in an uproar.  No one rioted and we didn't storm embassies, but there was some anti-Islamic sentiment viewed throughout the country.  The Middle East countries and our own leaders urged us to be tolerant...…


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Keeping Your Email Address Safe

We've had a few shipmates that have badmouthed us and said that we're selling email addresses and that they are getting 10 times more spam since joining the site.  I can't reiterate this strong enough:


Here are some words of advice for keeping your email address safe.

  1. If you have any fear that your email address has been shared in the spam world, the…

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How to Edit Your Uploaded Photo's Details

You'll notice when you upload a photo that the site names it automatically based on the file name of your image. You can easily edit the details of the photo and I'd highly recommend doing that!

Click on the image after it's uploaded and you'll see an options menu above it and to the right.  Select Edit Details and it will allow you to update the name,…


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How to Add a Command

A few folks have signed up and asked how they could add a command.  It's pretty easy!  Go to the Commands tab up above and you'll see a Add a Command link at the top of the page!

Here are some tips:

  • Please try to look for your command first.  Check it by name, partial name, command identifier, nicknames, etc.  We remove a lot of duplicate commands on here!
  • Please make sure it's a Navy Command,…

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Bravo Zulu: USN Adopts Social Media

Today, I'm even prouder of my Veteran service having read through the US Navy's Social Media Guidelines for Sailors and Navy Personnel. Why?

  1. The USN recognizes that the conversations will happen online, with or without guidelines. Rather than fighting social media, the Navy has instead chosen to promote social media usage throughout the ranks.
  2. US Navy leaders…

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Welcoming 2,000 Navy Vets

This has been an exciting couple years at Navy Vets! We've had steady growth and are nearing 2,000 members. I've tried a couple times to boost that number by purchasing advertising but nothing seems to really perform as well as word of mouth within our community!

The site is actually producing more revenue from the advertising monthly now than it costs (whew!) so I'm looking forward to this year to see how we can move forward and begin to give back to Navy Vets. Our goal has always… Continue

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Islamic Terrorists Strike Our Homeland Again at Fort Hood

Why isn't this the news heading?

I don't give a crap if the killer in question was an Army Officer nor whether or not he was American. This Islamic Terrorist screamed the takbir and commenced to killing as many unarmed Americans as he could.

That's terrorism.

It happened here.


If this country had a single Christian shoot and kill someone in the name of God, we'd… Continue

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USS New York

Shield: Dark blue and gold, the colors traditionally associated with the Navy, represent the sea and excellence. The red is for sacrifice and valor and the white recalls purity of purpose. The gray chevron and two vertical bars represent the bow of LPD 21 and the Twin Towers, respectively. They are conjoined to emphasize the using of 24 tons of steel from the ruins of the World Trade Center to construct the bow of the USS New York.

The phoenix rising personifies the… Continue

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Nearing 1,000 US Navy Vets

It appears that within the next 30 days we're going to go over our first milestone - over 1,000 US Navy Vets on board

Now that clicks on ads are surpassing the cost of the site, we've hired an attorney that specializes in online businesses. David Alerding will be retained to make NavyVets, LLC - a non-profit 501 (c) (3) corporation.

This is exciting because we'll be the only online website for US Navy Vets that will be 100% charitable - and give… Continue

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Out to Sea... Perhaps!

Continued from Mini-Mo to 4.0...

As soon as everyone caught wind that I didn't have orders in Orlando, I was shipped out within a couple of weeks to the USS Coontz DDG-40 up in Norfolk, Virginia. The USS Coontz had quite an illustrious career but it was quickly coming to a close.

The Coontz just returned from a Med Cruise… Continue

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The Lessons of Vietnam, Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib

After we left Vietnam, the Khmer Rouge enacted a genocidal policy that would kill over 1/5 of all Cambodians. After repeated border clashes in 1978, Vietnam invaded Democratic Kampuchea (Cambodia) and ousted the Khmer Rouge in the Cambodian–Vietnamese War. In response China invaded Vietnam in In 1979. The two countries fought a brief border war, known as the Third Indochina War or the Sino-Vietnamese War.

Leaving Vietnam didn't bring peace, it brought death and instability to the… Continue

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From Mini-Mo to 4.0 - Boot Camp

Since I helped start Navy Vets, you guys should know more about me. I joined the Navy after high school... basically because I was too lazy to go to college and I wanted to escape the dumb life I was living.

Old habits are hard to get rid of, so I brought my partying lifestyle right into the Navy. In boot camp, my smart mouth got me a 'mini-motivational tour' and quite a few visits to division officers sidewalk - once for trying to beat the heck out of my RCPO. I think Walker and… Continue

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Obama's VA Healthcare Program a Test for Universal Healthcare

Looks as though the concerns of VA benefits being cut may be premature as President Obama released his plans today for an impressive increase in VA healthcare benefits and expansion of the system...

I suppose I'm encouraged that the VA will finally be removed from the chopping block, where it seems to be found every year. On the other hand, celebration of the move may be premature as this may be a… Continue

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March 25th: Medal of Honor Day

The United States Congress designated March 25th of each year as NATIONAL MEDAL OF HONOR DAY, a day dedicated to Medal of Honor recipients. (Public Law 101-564).

If we have any Medal of Honor recipients on board, thank you so much for your courage and sacrifice to our nation.

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Your Personal Information and

Someone left me a bit of a cryptic phone message that they were getting SPAM from, or perhaps, phone calls. We don't request anyone's phone number, nor do we release any of the private information you've supplied on

The only messages you may receive are broadcast message or alerts from the system. If you'd like to turn those off, simply click Settings on the right hand sidebar under your name.

Once again - we'll NEVER release your information to… Continue

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Department of the Navy and...?

I'm afraid that this one is not a hoax. While I have the utmost respect for our buddies, the devil dogs... I'm not ready to break with the tradition and history of the finest military force on the planet.

A North Carolina congressman has introduced a bill to add the Marine Corps’ name to the Department of Navy.

Republican Walter B. Jones has asked Congress since 2001 to change the department’s name to the “Department of Navy and Marine Corps,” thus giving the Corps “the… Continue

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2008 Veteran's Day Proclamation

A Proclamation by the President of the United States of America

On Veterans Day, we pay tribute to the service and sacrifice of the men and women who in defense of our freedom have bravely worn the uniform of the United States.

From the fields and forests of war-torn Europe to the jungles of Southeast Asia, from the deserts of Iraq to the mountains of Afghanistan, brave patriots have protected our Nation's… Continue

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