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Caidence, and faces

I told this story to a Army National Gaurd Sgt. reserve.. and he claim we could have never sung these...

 We had an occasional cc/ chief who lead us in cadence , he was of African American Decent I remember.. He would begin, holding a boom box, loudly playing the 70' s pop song "Car Wash". We moved fast in step. He would then begin with this cadence, I know you ain't no volunteers, the DRAFT BOARDS gone and sent you here! So Sound off, Sound off, 1-2-3-4--1---2! Hard Tack , Biscuts…


Added by Gregory Charles Hunt on June 26, 2014 at 9:04pm — 2 Comments

Seeking anchor year book RTC NTC co 77-006

If any one knows were I could find and anchor year book for RTC NTC San Diego co 77-006  could you give a lead? This was my company.. Respectfully Yours, Gregory Hunt

Added by Gregory Charles Hunt on October 25, 2013 at 2:56am — 3 Comments

A Marine Wants Out

     We arrived via dump truck to some palce off in the desert. It had been a long hot ride. No one told us where we were going. No one ever did. Any way weather there in the basins stays at six percent humidity and hovers around 120 -130 in summer and snow is possible in winter. Sandstorms , rattle snakes, scopions ane cactus, but mostly sand prevails.  It was apparent on arrival that this was a pre walk   work detail. We all were help load I beams and scrap metal into the bed of the dump…


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Traveling Twentynine Palms with Marines

Being a quad zilch, fresh from school I did what I could. I remember standing inspection before the doors to the military ward. The unit one was handed to one of us corpsmen when someone was needed. I recieved my turn one morning. I dressed in my blues and ball cap and put the unit one on. Most of you remember a unit one. I walked out side and was greeting by an amtrack tank. Attached  to this was  was a long trailer on tracks. There were vent holes along the top. The paint was green and…


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Richard asks Jesus to Save a dying Marine.

 Once a Marine was shot in the abdomen. We could not get a chopper for him. His abdomen was open and all we had was a battle dressing, Ringers lactate and trendelenbeg. The only transport was the greygoast. This was a grey subruban ambualnce. Oftern it broke down and the dash fell off. My partner Richard was a Ranger and Pentacostal by faith.. We load out Marine into the  ambualance and made a dead run for San Diego Balboa. This is some 300 miles or so. The dash fell off around San Berdo,…


Added by Gregory Charles Hunt on September 17, 2013 at 2:14pm — 2 Comments

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