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June 2013 Blog Posts (16)

Samuel "Tex" Maddox ML-2


by David W. Asche

I don't know where this big ape came from, but he was at quarters one morning and we had no idea about him.  This guy was HUGE!  6 feet two at least, arms as big as my upper leg, and was sitting at our little table like a gorilla.

When we went below to start work in the lower foundry, we discovered that big "Tex" didn't travel light either.  A new weight lifting bench and several hundred pounds of big discs of steel and bronze were also new to our…


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Thanks to HMC Oscar Willis


by David W. Asche

I want to say TAHNK YOU to someone I knew on the USS Hector for giving of himself and not just doing his job.

It was August 1973, and Hector was in dry dock at Richmond, California.  I had taken a week of leave and went home.  During that time, I suffered a very severe ankle sprain in a canoeing accident to my left leg and The doctor I saw put my lower leg in a cast, nearly to the knee.  The cast needed a few days to really cure, and I still had leave…


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by David W. Asche

We were in Guam, having arrived sometime after the first of the year 1975, and were getting used to living in the barracks as we had to move off the ship while berthing areas were being remodeled.  "Operation New Life" had yet to start, so we were not yet embroiled in that.  Most of the crew were exploring Guam and finding out what was there.  I myself had discovered snorkel diving at Gab Gab Beach, just a short bike ride from the barracks.

The Divers…


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The Great Palm Tree Caper


by David W. Asche

It was August 1974, and Hector was moored to a pier, bow facing shore, starboard side to the pier, at Todd Shipyards in San Pedro, California having some work done on her mess decks and some matters dealt with in her engine rooms.

I was due to go on leave in two days, and my parents were making the drive down to pick me up.

As I came down the ladder to the upper foundry one evening, I overheard some of my fellow molders and some of the divers…


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morrisa Mckenna

 if  you  happen  to see  this  post  leave a  message  !  Phillip g Morgan  give  my  regards  to your mom ?

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Response to a letter from Charlie Meder, USS Hector Historian, now Deceased.

Hello, Charlie,                                                                                                                                   March 2, 2010

     I want to thank you for your letter and clip from “Jane’s Fighting Ships”.  It was all very good, and I agree with it 100%, so I am curious why you sent it to me.  The only thing wrong with it was the date “1959” in the Jane’s Clipping…It should be “1939”.

I assume your response to my story in the Hector Herald was…


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TO: Mr. Barry Soetoro, or whatever your real name is; (The Usurper occupying the Oval Office illegally)


I heard a rumor a few days ago that someone heard you say, "I want to be cool again".

Well, let me explain a few things to you and possibly, you may see why you are not as cool as you once thought you ever were.

First of all, you are a LIAR.  I understand that as part of the Muslim "faith", it is perfectly acceptable to lie to infidels.  We know that.  Pretending to not be a Muslin just isn't working out for you.  It is too obvious.  Most people don't like liars. …


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A WARNING to any who want to use "Publish America" to get their book printed.


by David W Asche 

I submitted my book to these PIRATES and now I am "paying" for it. These people have STOLEN THOUSANDS of manuscripts from good people and ripped them off for THOUSANDS of dollars in royalties and property. The only books they sell are the ones the authors themselves buy. They do NOT market the books as they advertise. Their contract is a joke, until you try to make them do what…


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TO: Barry Soetoro; (The lying, cowardly, treasonous fraud occupying the Oval Office illegally)


GREETINGS!  I am just checking in with another note from a LOYAL American Patriot and Honorably Discharged Navy VETERAN.   You see how I worded that, Barry?  I mean an educated man such as yourself can see I laid out the words in such a fashion as to be neat, truthful, factual and above all, correct in their meaning and one small note to the above, I am also the SON and GRAND son of Honorably Discharged American VETERANS.

Those words I have written are ones you cannot use to…


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TO: Barry Soetoro; (The FRAUD occupying the Oval Office illegally)


GREETINGS, as I am a polite person, I wish to tell you how I have been thinking of the welfare and LEGACY which you are going to be leaving your two daughters, Malia and Sasha.  Please do not think I am being rude if I did not spell their names correctly, as I am not sure of how their names are spelled, and I mean no harm in it.  Unlike the ravings of the left wingers who slam Sarah Palin's kids, and Rick Santorum's kids, even after you said families should be "off limits" to the…


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To: Mr. Barack HUSSEIN Obama. (Hope I spelled that correctly)


I have written letters to several other people who occupied that noble house built by my countrymen to house our leader.  So don’t think for a second this is something new for me.  We also understand that cockroaches get in to the kitchen from time to time, so you being in there is not a real big problem.  We'll smoke you out sooner or later.


 If you are under the delusion you are “getting away” with anything, rest assured, you are not.  We can see you.  We also are…


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My Experiences with the SCCA and Four-Wheel Dive Clubs

By  David W. Asche


My dad had an old 1954 Willy's Jeep pick-up when I was a kid and we would go hunting and camping every year.  I learned all about locking hubs, mud bogs, rough terrain, how to pack things in a vehicle, all kinds of stuff like that.  I also learned my dad had always wanted a Warn winch on the front of his truck.  He never did get one.

We had that old truck into 1967 when I was riding in the passenger seat and my dad and I were coming home from a…


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Tinker and the Border Guard

By  David W. Asche

A lot of us are familiar with the small, colorful birds known as Budgerigars, commonly called "budgies" or as the "Australian Shell Parakeet".  I know these birds very well as I have had one in my home most of my life and have also bred them and worked with them over all my life.

They can talk, do tricks, learn just about anything if they have the aptitude and they get the chance to show their stuff.

Some birds are very talented, others to a lesser…


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Letter to the Matanuska-Susitna Burough School District

TO:  Matanuska – Susitna Borough School District                                                February 23, 2011

501 N. Gulkana

Palmer, ALASKA 99645

 FROM:  David William Asche

 To Whom it may concern, or, To Whom ever gives a damn:

 It certainly didn’t  take very long for this person (Me) to rise to such a status with the School District as to be considered a “throw away employee”.    After just 35 days as a substitute teacher, I was removed from a…


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"NAVY VETS" website is better than the others I've tried to use.


 by David W Asche 


I have gone to other vet websites to try and use them and locate my past shipmates, and I also have tried to help a lot of others to locate their buddies and past friends and shipmates and such.  I have been doing this for well over fifteen years now.

I helped a lot with the USS Hector website ( ).…


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Why We Have Recruit training (Boot Camp)


By David W. Asche

In the days of yore when our country was embroiled in World War Two, my father told me they were given a "quick trip" through recruit training, also called "basic" by some, "boot camp" by others, but there wasn't a whole lot of reason why to worry about.  Everyone was pretty well informed that the Japanese had bombed hell out of our fleet at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, Adolph Hitler and his gang of thugs had also ran roughshod over half the…


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