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Introduction & how to find help with VA

Hello Navy Cousins! I am an accredited County Veterans Service Officer.  That basically means I teach veterans about VA, help you do the multiple forms, and then yell at VA when they try to not give the benefits you are eligible for.

Unfortunately this means I won't have a lot of time on this site but I recommend that if you don't already know your CVSO you get to know them soon.  

Go to the VA database and search the VSO Rep area. We are veterans trained, tested, and attend…


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  I like standing on deck at sunrise with salt spray in my face and clean ocean winds whipping in from the four quarters of the globe-the ship beneath me feeling like a living thing as her engines drive her through the sea.  

I like the sounds of the Navy-the piercing sound of the boatswain's pipe, the clang of the ships bell on the quarterdeck, the squawk of the 1MC and the strong language and laughter of sailors at work.  

I like the…


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An American Navy Sailor

An American Navy Sailor

You've never been in love, some say you've never been ALIVE, till you've fallen in love with a Sailor. An American Navy Sailor. Is there another kind?

Likely he's tall. Six feet or more. He's probably thin. Some say "reedy." He sports a funny white hat. He wears bell bottom trousers that button. No zipper. He wears a kerchief he's proud of. It has three stripes that represent Nelson's three greatest sea battles. No kidding.



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The Old Navy

The Old Navy

Come gather round me lads and I’ll tell you a thing or two.

About the way we ran the Navy in nineteen sixty two.

When wooden ships and iron men were barely out of sight,…

I am going to give you some facts just to set the record right.


We wore the ol’ bell bottoms. With a Dixie cup or flat hat on our head;

And we always hit the sack at night but we never “went to bed”.

Our uniforms were worn ashore, and we…


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Hurricane Florence

With landfall a very good possibility, the Navy has plans to move ships from Norfolk, to sea.

Added by Emmet Molloy on September 9, 2018 at 8:07am — 1 Comment

up date from 2015

well it has been about too years now. since I was denied A.O. .but I was given 100% on P.T.S.D. . MY discharge papers stated that I had be come very depress . that was enough for them to give me the compensation. but the A.O. nothing. so look in your records for any thing that will help you. GOD bless you all. don't give up.

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whats up with the new bill for the blue water navy in the white house? .

i was denied a claim for Diabetes and i hope this time it will be a good out come. that A.O.can sure make life very hard on all of us.God bless all of you.

Added by benito garcia on August 11, 2018 at 12:10am — 1 Comment

Boot Camp

Looking for Company 249 1973

Added by Martin George Gnandt on July 30, 2018 at 1:44pm — No Comments

GreatLakes,ILL..RTC/NTC.12th.Div.Company377.Cobra Company.I am searching for friends.Oct 01,1986.

 Anything about 12th.Div.Company 377,Cobra Company.Let me know.Send me Info.

Added by AOAN CHRISTOPHER JAMES COOK,NAVY on July 19, 2018 at 5:49pm — No Comments

Looking for my biological Father

Good day all, my name  is Thomas and I am 33 years old in the US Coast Guard. A recent DNA/ancestory kit revealed that my father is someone I never knew about. I would love to find him. He has no idea he would have a son out there somewhere. My father who raised me, Robert J Kotrba was a Master Cief in the US Navy. The person I am Looking for is Machinest Mate Bob Horton. He was stationed in the Great Lakes in 1894 and possibly the USS Sierra before that. I don’t know anything else. Thank…


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A day in Bay Hill Galley, Gitmo 1968-1969 Guantanamo Bay Naval Base

I had the alarm set for 4:00 am to be in the galley for 4:30. It is already hot, as most every day on the island. I fill the big stainless coffee urns and have a cup myself. I drink it black. Then, from the recipe card, which is made for quantities of 200 portions, start the “soup of the day” in one of the big steam kettles. I will work with a wet towel around my neck and swallow the salt tablets from the dispenser that hangs on the wall. If working the grills I make eggs to order for the…


Added by Emmet Molloy on May 16, 2018 at 7:30am — 5 Comments

Lazy days off in Gitmo, Guantanamo Bay Naval Base

Being a cook at Bay Hill Galley, I worked port and starboard, 15 days a month worked with every other Friday, Saturday and Sunday off. There were about six cooks to each watch as I recall, and two night bakers total, who alternated. On an off day I might go lift weights after breakfast, then write a letter to my girl or go to the commissary store. Then perhaps drive to Windmill Beach (we had our own truck) where the iguanas hung out on the cliffs along the beach. I had a mask, snorkel and…


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Lambert’s Point Naval Deperming Station, Elizabeth River, Norfolk, Va.

Consists of several free standing piers forming 3 Deperming slips, barracks and process control building.

I was here in 1967 wrapping cables around ships for the deperming process and one of two commissarymen on the station. While I was stationed here a fire started in the carpenter shop under the galley that spread to some of the berthing area. I was working on the automatic potato peeler in the galley and smoke started coming up through the deck from below. When I ran down the…


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Quarters K Naval Barracks Arlington, Virginia

A now defunct station that was built sometime during or before World War II. It was my first duty station after leaving Great Lakes Naval Training Center in late 1965. It was located along the Columbia Pike In Arlington, across from the old Navy Annex, Bureau of Naval Personnel and the Marine’s Henderson Hall. Fort Myer, being just down the road, afforded me the opportunity to go to a movie in the evenings and take an occasional stroll through Arlington National Cemetery. The Cemetery, The…


Added by Emmet Molloy on April 20, 2018 at 10:00am — 2 Comments

Some of you old timers might have heard some sea stories of T.C. or you might had a Beer or 2 with him . He was a Navy Legend and served on many ships and did 2 tours at RTC Great Lakes and 30 year N…

Some of you old timers might have heard some sea stories of T.C. or you might had a Beer or 2 with him . He was a Navy Legend and served on many ships and did 2 tours at RTC Great Lakes and 30 year Navy career. T.C. was involved in a terrible home accident that ended his life to soon . I pushed with T.C. in 1968-72 his fist tour at Great lakes we were both First class . His company always took all the flags .  …


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subase Pearl Harbor

I was stationed at the subase 1965 thru 1967 first as the indoctrination school yeoman then as the subase police department yeoman.

In 1967 a Japanese submarine visited Pearl Harbor, I was TAD as the driver for the captain, anytime he needed to be transported I was at his peck and call, including a ride to a formal dinner at CINPACTFLT .

There were many interesting stories that I experianced with my time on subase.

If there were any other members of the police…


Added by John Houghtaling on April 1, 2018 at 1:00am — 1 Comment

63-65 worked on the hill in Legal Office

Had a great time at Rosy. Deployment was for two years however; I only had 8 months on my enlistment so the

Commander I worked for pull some strings and I got to stay on the hill for 8 more months.

Actually they were going to transfer me to VWFour or VU8 on base. Cannot remember which one.

its been over fifty years now so my memory is not the best. 

Been back to San Juan a few times but never had time to get back over to the base.

we were on cruises. an…


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Boot Camp

As a 17 yr. old kid in July of 1958 I spent 13 wks. at Great Lakes, Co. 315. It was a big change but I had a great time.

lots of sweat & a whole lot of laughter.

Added by Raymond Edward Ramos on March 3, 2018 at 8:05am — 1 Comment

Tender Museum

I am reaching out to all Veterans, no matter what rank or rate. Those Veterans that served on any of the Repair Tenders on active duty for your comments. As of 1997 the Molders and Patternmakers ratings were discontinued, and are no longer recognized in the active Navy. Sadly even on  this site they are not recognized. Those same jobs no longer exist in the civilian Naval Shipyards as well. If any of the  Veterans out there had your rates discontinued I would like to hear from you. I would…


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