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Paul Hosse
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  • Louisville, KY
  • United States
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Paul Barger left a comment for Paul Hosse
"Wow Paul its been awhile. I was looking up the discussion we had about that friend of mine on TI that cut his wrists. Its in my PTSD appeal.  But also you mentioned a girl that was from Bakersfield that was a Nympho. I was looking up old…"
Apr 9, 2019

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Petty Officer Third Class
Enlisted Rating
Personnel Specialist
Where were you or your family stationed?
Inactive Reserves (CASHE) July 1976
RTC Orlando December 14,1976- February 16, 1977
NATTC Millington 1977
NS Norfolk 1977
NS Treasure Island 1978-1980
Veteran of Foreign War
Current Status with the US Navy
Honorably Discharged
Start date of your service
July 12, 1976
End date of your service
May 21, 1980

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At 1:17pm on April 9, 2019, Paul Barger said…

Wow Paul its been awhile. I was looking up the discussion we had about that friend of mine on TI that cut his wrists. Its in my PTSD appeal.  But also you mentioned a girl that was from Bakersfield that was a Nympho. I was looking up old address and guess what I came across her and she was from Bakersfield. Her name was Debbie Kasak and she was the Marine that was sweet and gave me her address before she left. Hey can you write a statement for me concerning what you remember about that guy who cut his wrists. Then I will have proof it happened. let me know.

At 4:38pm on March 4, 2018, Karen Hager said…

Hi Paul, I was on the southside also from 1968 to 1971.  At first I was in the old WW II barracks but I am sure they are long gone. Half of that time I lived off base both in Munford and in Millington.  Sorry I don't know any of those names you mentioned.

At 2:30pm on August 27, 2017, Paul Barger said…

Wow sounds like you had a interesting time while in. When I left TI I went to the LaSalle in the Persian Gulf like I said. I spent 12 months there because it was limited arduous duty so many only spent that one year there. Since the hostage crisis was going on it was a b**** at times. I came back to the states on leave, went to Charleston to meet my next ship the Jesse L Brown FF-1089. it took a week to find out it was in the Indian Ocean supporting the LaSalle. I went the opposite way back, stopping and staying at Moffett field for a few days, then Alaska overnight, then the PI for a week, we stopped at a few other places before getting to Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean, I was there for about 6 hours, then out to another airport someplace I don't remember, then out to a support ship overnight, the next day 12 of us loaded into a Chinook and proceeded to drop off a few at different ships then out of the blue they dropped 2 of us off on a sandbar for some reason and left. We were there for about 20 mins, they came back picked us up and landed on another support ship to drop off the last guy before me. We then located the Brown and the Chinook cannot land there so they hovered above it while it was moving and dropped me out the door on a hoist to the deck. They needed a PC, they had been using a PN for a couple of months as a Postal Clerk, Its funny they let the other one leave before a replacement arrived. I guess they had be slated for there but I took 40 days leave so that's why they were without. I went quite a few places on the Brown and ironically 1 1/2 years later I went back to the IO and Persian Gulf again and was taken to Bahrain ASU and sent back to the states the next day to Philly where I got out. I did several Carrib cruises, a North Atlantic cruise, ( I am a Blue Nose), and a trip to Africa and the eastern islands off that coast Seychelles to name one. I had went around the world twice, the southern tip of Africa and the artic circle so I had a pretty good career for the 4 years I was in. I joined the Army for 3 years after that but got out, hated that. I also tried the Navy reserves and the Air Force reserves which I went inactive in both but still have 4 honorable discharges hanging on my wall. Its funny you mention that guy trying to commit suicide I have used him in my PTSD claim because I had been talking to him and he was worried about facing his parents because of the shame of being discharged from the Navy for a medical that's why he tried suicide. Kinda messed me up for a bit. As far as the Awol, that was the girl I knew (cook) and she was from Mich and missed home. She never said anything to me about leaving and we were getting close. I spent a lot of time in her room just talking and we went out to dinner a couple of times. I probably could have married her in the future we got along great. The other names don't sound familiar but like I said I wasn't good with names. Having a friend from Australia come to visit sounds so cool. I have looked for several friends I knew while in but I have not found any of them. Its good to talk with you since we shared some of the same memories in the same place. You asked which place I worked in Louisville, well my company here was a family owned fabrication business and they had bought 2 small fab companies just south of Louisville so they were nothing big. I was a Industrial Maint tech so I repaired their equipment and buildings every so often when their general maint guy could not.  Who knows maybe we can meet up one day and talk about old times on TI. its just 3 hours away.

At 1:03pm on August 26, 2017, Paul Barger said…

Paul, yea as far as the radiation thing you need to go online and check it out especially if you had been everywhere. As far as Debbie, I really doubt she was there after you because she talked like she had been there awhile and had gotten out of the Marines there so it was her last duty station. She was probably just in a different dept, I am not sure what she actually did only that I seen her in Bldg 1 everyday. As far as the other names I don't remember any of the names you mentioned but I never was one for names. I met a lot of people there but I took few pics and didn't hand around very many. I was supposed to be there 18 months but at the time didn't like it much so I put in for a transfer within a year, that's when I went to the USS LaSalle in the Persian Gulf. I read in the Navy times that they were getting medals so I wanted to be a part of it. Little did I know that the Iran Hostage Crisis would start up les than a month after I got there. That was a very stressful time, the PLO threatening to sink us in port, the Iran gun boats threatening to fire on us and the Iranian F-4's the jets we sold them kept flying over sending us to GQ because they were threatening to blow us out of the water. Came close many times. Really messed with my nerves. But that's another story I just had to leave TI, I had it made but didn't really like it there. A friend went AWOL, and I met another guy from the PI that the navy was kicking out for some reason and he slit his wrists because he didn't want to face the disgrace of his family. I never really found out if he died or not they wouldn't tell me but you know how rumors are. I look back on it and I should have had a great time there because I miss it now. I was there when Patricia Hearst got married, they made a big deal of it I wasn't impressed that much.

At 8:09pm on August 23, 2017, Paul Barger said…

Paul, I couldn't tell you when Debbie got there she was there when I got there Oct 79 and like I said she left about a month later, she got out of the Marines so no telling how long she was there. I believe she was on the second floor. Chief Moffett sounds familiar I don't know the other nor do I know any of the women. Since I didn't work in there it was basically a Hi hows your day and then I was gone. I don't know the security guy either. I am not very good with names. The only other girl I knew was a cook, she and I got along pretty good but she was homesick and went AWOL a few months after meeting her. I wasn't sure how many bldgs. are left either. I heard that the bowling alley was still there. I do know that there are several places that are high in Radiation. If you haven't heard about it read up on it. I heard it was extremely bad in places. 

At 10:44am on August 22, 2017, Paul Barger said…

Well Paul the post office (my office) at Treasure Island was located just down to the right from the mess hall and it was next to a Master at Arms office as well. I always wanted to go back there and see the old barracks but they were just recently torn down. TI was my first duty station and holds a special place in my heart. We were there the same time so I probably talked to you at one time or another because I picked up the mail in Bldg 1 personnel office every day. I only remember 1 girl in that bldg. and she was a fine looking Marine, her name was Debbie Kasak. She left about a month after I got there but I still have her address LOL. I got there Oct 78 and left Oct 79 I still want to go there and walk around one day and remember the good times. I hope to do it within the next couple of years, if I do Ill take some memory pics of old places if there are any left. Our Navy time is very similar, I went in June 5th, 1978 and left May 21 1982 or so also. the Years are a bit different but the months are close. I was also in Norfolk for about a month for advanced Fire Fighting training because I was heading to the Persian Gulf to be on the LaSalle Command Mid East Force.. I am a life member of the VFW and the DAV as well. I live just north of Indianapolis and used to go to Louisville all the time for work its about a 3 hour drive.

At 9:20am on April 5, 2017, Paul Barger said…

Paul, I started this discussion because I liked TI alot and it was my first duty station out of PC school. If you were there in 1979 then I had to have met you sometime along the way. I was there Oct 78-Oct 79. I was the Transient PC  which was right down from the chow hall at the end of the row next door to the Master At Arms office. I was on the 3rd floor of Cosson Hall I believe. I picked up the mail at Bldg one in Personnel every day. I got out of the Navy the same day u did, May 21st but 2 years later (1982) so like I said below I had to have known you.

At 11:55am on February 25, 2017, Robbie Tracy said…

Its possible. TM1 Weller was our instuctor. We got there Jan 7th 1977. Flew in from Atlanta and hopped on a bus to the base.

At 3:24pm on March 8, 2016, charlie lauder said…

I was in boot at Orlando Dec 1976- Feb 1977. I don't remember the co. # 106 or 108 not sure. went to A school at Orlando. John Bovie was company yeoman in boot and was our A school instructor after graduation. Charlie Lauder  

At 8:30pm on March 11, 2013, Paul Barger said…

Paul I had to have known you. I was the Postal Clerk on TI and was at Bldg 1 every day. I often visited the personnel dept  especially since I left after only 1 year. I was working with Personnel to leave early instead of staying 18 months. I volunteered for the LaSalle in the Persian Gulf.


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