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This discussion is for those interested in attending the next reunion slated for 2014.  Sound-Off!

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Hey Al! Count me in! Had a blast at the last one, so looking forward to this next one! My preference would me Va. Beach, with St. Louis as my 2nd. I just feel we should have it in the place where we were stationed, especially with the air show being at Oceana.

I had a ball at the Reunion. There sure was a lot of work that went into it and I can never thank those involved enough. I will do everything in my power to be at the next one no matter where it's held.

I like the Beach, especially if the Angels are flying this time. Too bad we had to contend with the rain last time.

But St. Louis or Branson would be just fine. Closer anyway.

Your preference of the three?

First would be Virginia Beach, Second would be Branson, Third would be St. Louis


Al, your work is really, really appreciated! Most sailors (young and old) are reluctant to express themselves on "serious" topics like praising their shipmates. Anyone who knew me in the Navy knows I had no problem expressing myself - I generally talked TOO much! I probably still do, but I'm not NEARLY as pissed off at the world as I was back then, and I'm much older and hopefully much wiser. You and BobA Moore and the other Volunteers did a fabulous job on the 2011 Reunion, and I had a great time, as did my wife and daughter, even tho the air show was [mostly] rained out. The 2014 version should be even better, because when all the guys who didn't show up find out what they missed, they'll show up too.

As for the location, I vote for Branson. Anyone who hasn't been there is always amazed at the level and quality, not to mention shear QUANTITY of entertainment and activities available in a "small town" in the Ozarks. Well, it ain't small no more, as we say in this part of the country, and a MAJOR attraction is how the whole local population and every venue HONESTLY loves the military and treats Vets better than anyplace you can go, including all the cities with a big military presence. Ask anyone who was at the "Welcome Home" extravaganza for Vietnam vets in 2005.

It does need to be during warm weather tho, because it's like VA Beach - the biggest name entertainment is there in late spring and thru the summer. Branson sits on Lake Taneycomo (actually not so warm water, as it's filled with the deep-water discharge from Table Rock Dam) but the real water attraction is the huge and fabulous Table Rock Lake. I suggest including your choice of many web links about Branson in one of your emails. Silver Dollar City, countless Shows, gorgeous scenery, and many other attractions within short drives all add up to a "whole family" experience. It's also in the middle of the country, and thus easier to travel to for many people. Hell, I sound like a member of the Chamber of Commerce or Tourism Bureau. Told you I talk too much!

Anyway, my second choice would be Vegas, and I don't need to say anything at all about that, except that it's not a Kid place - they actually tried that for awhile - didn't work and they changed back, thank goodness for the grownups!

Keep up your excellent work, and wherever it's decided, I'll be there!
Thanks again to you and all the others working on this. I can't help you out right now, but maybe later on.

Steve Gilliland
(Dr. G)

Al, I had a great time in Virginia Beach. It's always nice to see the old stomping grounds. Branson and St Louis may be able to accommodate our reunion but it wouldn't have the same nostalgia that NAS Oceana brings back. I think the camaraderie is more important than the venue. That being said, my sentiment is if it ain't broke don't fix it. Va Beach gets my vote. But, no matter where it is held I will be attending. 

Al, the reunion was great!  A special thanks to RC, he put in alot of hard work to make it happen.  I tend to agree with Barry and Tony.  If it ain't broke, don't fix it.  VA-85, NAS Oceana, and Va. Beach are the three things we all have in common.  The Beach gets my vote.  St. Louis comes in second.  Looking forward to it!

Hi Al. Part of the draw of the reunion is being back to where it all began. With that said, my vote would be Virginia Beach again. Especially since the airshow was rained out last time. Was really looking forward to that.

Dang, that's a good looking bunch. Must be Airedales.


Hey Mayor know the beach...its where it all began...peace Paisan

I would like to hear from the rest of the members on the roster.  And if you're not on the roster, message me.

Where do you prefer for the next reunion;

Virginia Beach, St. Louis or Branson?

Hi Al,  Va. Beach is my preference with Branson as my second.



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