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at pier 81 or 82 we onloaded FLAG for the next cruise, i was seriously injured that day but the records mysteriously disappeared, now its caught up with me and can barely walk with cane, and trying to get disability / or records that were lost

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forgot was it pier 12 ??? in 1981 or 1982 ??? they dropped a big trunk on me from upper deck cant remember if i was deck dept 3rd division or G2 at time on loan to detail onloading FLAGG

I might be able to help
Were you on board may 24th 81 when we were gonna pull into lauderdale
My email is

I have been rated 70% and 100% SC since 1994 from injuries aboard Nimitz that came back to haunt me.

Dental dept

YES I WAS IN G2 at the time, that was a horrible night i still remember what the deck looked like but they sent us back down before we could do anything, it was crazy, they had a wounded triage area right in front of G2 almost

I WAS REALLY ON A DOWNHILL SLIDE by then, the things that happened to me months before had affected me so much, i was already a mess and was begging for help and could not get

it wasnt long after that a month or two ??? i dont remember , we did a huge upload for the cruise to NAPLES, just before we got there we got that barrage of shots, and i was sick as a dog, and went to dental and had all my wisdom teeth pulled, had a broken watch i overdosed on the percodan [accident] but it was enough to have me taken off ship for observation, and evaluation, and reasignment, very embaraseing and stupid on my part.

anyway, i cant remember if it was that cruise that we onloaded flagg, at norfolk before we sailed, if it was ill be closer to being more specific as to the dates they dropped that trunk on mr messing up my neck and hip and shoulders, its almost dibilitateing now and my records are incomplete

Ithinkthe teeth came out 1or2days after we got shots for naples arrival in 2-3days we were already close to sigonela were i was medivaced to a day later.



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