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How many of you have had trouble finding guys stationed with you  in order to deal with claims for benefits from the VA?  I was aboard the Hunley fromthe time it gotto Charleston to august 25 1975.  I was injured while rushing back to the ship after a division party atthe fire station in Goose creek. My ship mate flipped us  near the &11  on the way and I have been tryingto locate himhis nname was Bill  but i forgot his last name. I suffered spinal injuries and damaged shoulder. Bil ended up with broken collar bone that was 1975   we werei r3 division   does anyone know what his last name was? he rode a black sportster.

I had concusion when helmet broke into 3 pieces.and i have since had several spine surgeries. the navy deemed me fit to duischarge but right after. the VA says it nevr happened . Concussions abaord ship never happened , beiong trapped in a condensation tank aboard a sub and my crew mate turned it on whilei wasinit never happened either , theres a steekl fan in the end myhead was at with no guards. it never happened . chemicals exposure  ,  chemnical burns eye danage from plexiglas dust , never happened.  Has anything like this happened to you and the VA denied it ever happened though its in your records?

  I want to hear from all veterans who were denied


Alsio  guys

you might not know this but RADIATION poisoning mimics hepatits. I was diagnosed with hepatitis aling with 6 others aboard ship. blood tests  following discharge sayi never had hepatitis.  I wasin hospital 32 days in spain in the naval hospital  with whatthey claimed was infectious hepatitus. I never had it

The navy to this day caimes there were never any coolant leks aboardthe subs whenin fact part of r3 job was to repair the leaks. you know we were well exposed.

Men have died of radiattion poisoning  from working on leaks , aboardthe holland theylost a 1st class em  just before i got there andit was kept quiet. bu we all kknew. 

The navy says there was no stress aboard tenders.Do you agree?

I had the crap beat out of me in the rubber and lastics shop where i worked bya black dud e who also worked there , the dfirst class petty officer warren brookshire pulled him off me. Brookshire says it never happened . the black dude was transfered becausei wasthe only one inthe shop who had been toschool. he was smashing my head into  vice when brookshire took him off me.i never did find out why he kickedthe crap out of me but i know who instigated it.  No stress on sub tebnders? there was a race  riot onthe uss holland whikle i was aboard. There was always trouble between blacks and whites. It was not all happy times.

I had trouble with guys from my division going to my house whilei had duty. other guys in my shop hadthe same troubleand all 3 of us ended up divorced

 I was unlucky my senior petty officer slept with my wife and i ended up paying child support for 15 years for his kid.  They say there was no stress.I llost my home and everything i owned because ot that event.the navy refused to court marshal him. Thank God for DNA testing.

  Now i had great times incharleston too dated beautiful girls fromthe college in goose creek, even caught a bullet during the shooting in the flying dutchman. I lived right up the street from it.

i am searching for guys from my divisio  with balls enough to varify  things.  senior chiefs wont get involved nor petty oficers .  some kind of ship mates they turned out to be.

I used tobelieve that ship mates backed one another up.I got a rude awakening.

many blood tests later say we did not have it. Doctors claim i have post tramatic stress from it. The VA claims it isnt service rellated.

Do any of you have problems like these? If you are also battling the VA let me know. I ended up with bowel diseases and liver problemsand kidney problems head aches allthe time spine damage too. all servioce connected according to civilian specialists .  Dont trustthe VA in DC  mr Wilsonand george Byrd pulled aset up on me under orders fromthe white house to expedite my case. theyordered me to see civilian specialists and beforei could fax results tothem i recieved by regular mils a deniad .,ailedthe day after they called me. this crap does happenandi have it documented with emails from them directing to to hurry up.and with statements fromthe state department

also The VA made 450,000 in tort caims disapeqar. the ste department fopund evidense of it. Iam looking for help to fight the VA . if youknow of any please let me know. send me a mmessagee to mrchris


i had to change my name after some canadian stole my identity right down to my va records and school records everything. So guys and girls watch your stuff

  i am  Chris Bass in Hk now. Medical here is nearrly free. cost me 20 dollars for a 4 day stay inthe hosptal. and my arthritis is minimised now

i was crippled with arthritis too.  not anymore .i hurt some but nothing like i used to afteri leftthe navy.

 wish you ll well and good times. I hope to heqar fromthemmates i served with who have a concience.

  oh i nearly forgot m i am going thrua trial now forthreatening to destroy a businessi helpedto build herein HK, it was 9 machionese now is two factories and two trading companies. my accuser  my x wife had me arrested for just tgreatening to destroy it, the chinesecall it defacingher . gamem me two months in prison and 10,000 dollar file. I foundthat she had hidden two husbands who she set up also and put intoprison also. I hope toget all veterans to boycott that company called Sharp China/.  i blewthe whistle onthat company for catering to pirates inthe garment industryand false advertising. I got fined for blowing the whistle on them. Piracy in HK is legal and you go top jal if you blow the whistle.  hongKong is NOT a civilised society and nevver will be

thoughthey claim to be they hhave never been accepted as one as there are NO civil rights at all.

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Golly, Joseph.  I never knew the Hunley to be such a rough stretch of real estate.  I'm surprised I made it alive from Hunley's quarter deck to my boat tied along side in one piece -- to hear you describe events there.  Now, life in Charleston in general was pretty layed back for me.  I almost felt guilty for being so blessed with an environment rich in beaches, beautiful waterfronts and historical districts, fine restaurants and the best red drum surf fishing anywhere.  I was just lucky I guess -- or maybe a different course in lifestyle?  I hope things get better for you.


As far as finding information about your buddy Bill (HD Sportster), you might want to check with the Goose Creek Police Department, or the Dorchester County or Berkely County Sheriff's Office, or the South Carolina Highway Patrol.  One of them handled your accident and they would have all of the names and details -- even from 36 years ago.


As far as claims with the Department of Veterans Affairs, you might want to obtain a copy of your Navy medical record and coordinate with DAV which is not affiliated with the VA.  Better yet, let DAV do the leg work for you.  They helped my wife quite a bit with her claim from the Air Force and her current VA disability rating.  I can't speak for the entire VA Health Care System, but they have been pretty good to me for 30 years now, and they have taken great care of my wife who has been out of the Air Force for the past 12 years. 


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