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Hi, I was abord Coral Sea from Feb. 1951 through Apr. 1954. I'm not sure of exact dates, I'm not sure of anything at my advanced age. I think I enjoyed my time aboard the Coral Maru. I made some great friends, most of whom were in the V3G (Av. gas gang) division. I've had the good fortune to remain in contact with a few of my shipmates but, would sure like to hear from any others.

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Hi Bill,

I put a link up to Navy Vets at Wikipedia. I did it with a couple of the other commands as a test and it's beginning to draw some traffic. Starting a social network is always the toughest, but we'll get this off the ground!

Thanks for all your efforts Doug.
Hello Bill, my name is Paul Teague and I am the son of Arthur Teague from Massachusetts, a Signalman on the Coral Sea around the same time you were stationed on her. I was wondering if you might remember him? He passed away in 1993, but after talking with my uncle (also a Navy vet), I thought I'd see if there was anyone out there who may have known him.
Hi Paul,

I'm sorry to say that I didn't know your Dad. The people I came in contact with were mostly in the air divisions. However the name Teague is familiar I might have seen it displayed on a dungeree shirt while walking through the ship or on a chow line. If I can be of help in any other way just let me know.

Bill Hollander
Hello Bill,

Thanks for responding! The name "Teague," for some reason, is a very familiar name to many people...even though it's not a very common name. I get asked all the time if I'm related to "so and so." Anyway, I figured it was a shot in the dark, and considering how many sailors are actually stationed on a carrier of that size, it's entirely possible that you two never even saw each other. My dad was a 5'9", babyfaced, skinny 25-28 year old, with reddish-brown hair, during the years of 1950-1953. Pretty non-descript in those days. He was a vet of WWII, serving in the Massachusetts Armed Guard aboard merchant ships traveling to Europe. He and five other brothers served in various branches of the military during WWII, and they were featured in the Boston Globe one time. In all, eight of eleven Teague brothers (there were 12 kids in the family, eleven boys and one girl!)served in the military (1 prior to WWII, 6 in WWII, and 1 in Korea). I'm proud to say that I'm a veteran of the USAF, and many of my cousins continued the tradition of military service in the Teague clan. Anyway, thank you again for your response, and thank you for your service to America!
hi HAROLD WISSING, IWAS ON THE CORAL SEA FROM EARLY 74 THUR OCT 75, i was as a bt in 4able firerm.met a bunch of great shipmates. and had a great time.was involved with the evac of saigon, and the rescue of the mayaquez. not intill we hit the yards in jully of 75 that i didnt realize how big out of water this ship was................... had great friends looking forward to haveing great stories to tell, one was if you were new to the carrier in B DIV. YOU WERE INITATED WERE YOU WERE GREASED HEAD TO TOE. THEN YOU WERE GIVE THE PRIVLEGE TO GET THE NEXT PERSON. ONE DAY WE DID ONE BT FROM ANOTHER BOILERM AND HE HAD TO GO BACK BUT THE ONLY WAY TO GET THERE WAS TO UP TO THE MAIN DECK TO GO TOTHE NEXT BOILERM. SO WHEN HE GOT TOP SIDE OTHER SHIPMATES SEEN HIM NOT KNOWING WHAT HIS JOOB WAS , THE STORY WAS OUT THAT HE WAS JUST WALKING BY AND WAS PULLED DOWN THROUGH THE HATCH AND WAS GREASED . I STILL LAUGH ON THAT ...

hi harold . i'm don mathis i was aboard 43  in 60 61 & 62 . I was in the crew that recommisioned her at bremerton . oddly enough i also was a BT ---- 4 Able fireroom . really enjoyed  my tour on that ship


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