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There are some of us on here that are determined to see to it that the TDE-1 is restored to it's glory days and continues to serve as a museum to all those that walked her decks! That effort requires the involvement of everyone that cares! If you went to basic or were stationed at San Diego, that means you!

Currently, the Naval Sea Cadet Corp has entered into an agreement with the Corky McMillin Company, the developer of NTC. That agreement would give them use and control over the Recruit. They would use it as a training platform for the Sea Cadet program. We support that effort with a couple of qualifications. First, we want and hope to see the Recruit restored, not just repaired! It should reflect the complete history of NTC that it witnessed, the 40's through the 90's and should have a section dedicated as a museum to that history! Second, we would like to see access to the Recruit by vets for reunions, ceremonies and other functions.

The San Diego Naval Historical Association has spent years developing and trying to implement those same goals and plans. They have an extensive and tried history with NTC and the Recruit. For that reason and others, we are going to align our effort with them and provide the SDNHA with a new cadre of dedicated and determined Navy veterans!

See the vision of the SDNHA here

Your participation is essential! Even if you can provide only moral support!

We hope to bring enough veterans on board that no matter what task or project needs to be done, we will have someone that can do it!

So, sign on to this command to show your support! Let us know if you want to be an active and involved participant! It's our history! Remember,"Once a Navy man, Always a Navy Man"!

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You're so far in JL, we may have to throw you a life-line! Hahaha

If Alan is on board this effort, I will need his email to copy him as well!

Count me in too, Jim.

That was the same thing that happened to me, Johnny. I requested to stay out in California after FN apprentice training and they ended up sending me to Florida. Now that I think about it maybe that wasn't such a bad idea. Don't know if this kid from Milwaukee, WI could handle the laid back lifestyle of those weirdos...LOL!!!

OK.. Deep Breath Gentlemen.....

The USS RECRUIT is safe. As eluded to in the above post the McMillin Companies which currently owns the USS RECRUIT is working on a "deal" to provide for the long term care of the USS RECRUIT. That agreement will take one of two forms, and has not been finalized as of yet. The first agreement will be for a use agreement to the Naval Sea Cadet Corps. The second agreement, which is the long term plan, is to transfer the facility to the USS RECRUIT Conservancy. The Conservancy will be the keeper of the "ship" to maintain it, renovate, and restore it to its 1997 condition. The Conservancy will have two primary goals. 1) Provide for the USS Recruit, 2) Provide for the Naval Sea Cadet Corps.

The Conservancy is in its infancy, we are developing the Bylaws, filing the Incorporation, and building the initial board of Directors. The Conservancy, while not part or affiliated with the San Diego Naval Historical Association, realizes that the goals they had for the facility were solid, and work toward that end, although not in such a grand scale.

The USS RECRUIT will be a premier training facility for the Naval Sea Cadet Corps and eventually the NJROTC and Scouting programs. There will be an interpretave display of the historical nature of the USS RECRUIT and NTC to the San Diego area. Eventually the facility, when brought up to all safety and fire codes, will be able to host reunions, retirements, etc. to Navy active duty and veterans.

We understand the sentimental value of the USS RECRUIT. I myself received training on her in 1985 while a young Sea Cadet at NTC San Diego. My Navy Recruit Training was in Great Lakes, IL in 1999. But I understand the attachment we all have to her.

In the coming weeks and months I will keep you posted on the status of the project. We also have a Facebook page ( If you are interested in received a copy of the USS Recruit Project packet, I have attached it to this forum. You can also request an email copy from me at


Scott D. Oram
Regional Director, U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps
San Diego, California


Good to hear she will be safe and in good hands

I'm onboard


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