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I noticed when I signed up that there is no Aviation Storekeeper.  While we did normal storekeeping, we also dealt with SMIC's for weapon systems and platforms.  Also, the rest of the storekeeping business was pretty normal.  Long live the DD1348 (6pt).  LOL  Would like to see other AKs here.  We were with tailhook squadrons.  I know it was consolidated some time back with SK.  Can that be changed?


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Did some AK while at Sangley Point PI. VP 40  was stationed there as well a sub chasing unit flying the P2VS "the flying coffins. Never went to AK just learned the system, as the base was short 2 AKs. Interesting field of work!!!

Same here, Tom.  Made my designation in June 1968 at Great Lakes and then was assigned to NAS Memphis Aviation Fundamentals School.  Seems as if I served 6 weeks there and then did a bunch of compartment cleaning before being flown to NAS Lemoore, in Oct. 1968.  That's all the schooling I had.  Did my correspondence courses and it was not much different than the stock warehouse I did in the civilian life before my call to Viet Nam.  A couple of details differently and it was not hard for me.  It's actually been a help to me all my life.  Since my wife has MS, I do the pantry stocking and I am the one to make the decision to get rid of stuff when it is no longer used or useful.  My recently deceased neighbor, Nick Barnes, was stationed at Sangley Point in 1967. 

Might help to ad I was a 2nd class SK

Was at Sangley 1960, was transfered to MCRD in San Diego for a refresher course in combat. Was assigned to 7th Marines EXP and mapped DaNang for movement of the 1st Marines Div in to area.My very first duty was in Key Port Washington at the torpedo station. Marines was as quatermaster so go to really expand my knowledge of store, ammo, fuel, weapons, clothing, food, but was good. Did not enjoy the ("incoming!,) but enjoyed the friends made.

I was the LAMPS AK, since those dets did not have Aviation Storekeepers assigned to them. I went to the school in Norfolk December 1985 and was the LAMPS AK until I left the Vreeland in 1987.


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