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Enroute to Ambon Indonesia aboard the USS Whipple DE 1062 on Oct.30th
1974 I was an OSSN we crossed at 126 degrees and 27 min. East. 
The ceremony and fun was  exciting untill I was muzzled with a
jock strap and leashed like a dog to dog fight another wog. I think my
egging the cheifs mess at movie call had something to do with it. I was
prepared when I crossed again on  the USS Enterprise about two
years lator.

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did it so many times i lost count.
dont mean s*** anymore.

Jeff was also known as "Toad". It's his decision to disclose or not the source of the nickname . . . That day we pollywogs crawled on our knees together from the bow to the stern. BM 1 Davis & others made sure the raw egg-in-shell we had in our mouths didn't get broken on the way, or we had to start over. XO, Mr. Lind, and other O-club and CPO khaki's made the same crawl. En route to Ambon, Indonesia on a goodwill mission, from Subic Bay. That trip and the Russian built Indonesian destroyers holding us in the harbor there are a story for another time !! All the best Jeff. Hope you'll get back to me with a reply. I think I still owe you 5 bucks from my farewell party at Picadilly Pub & Waikiki. I hope there wasn't an interest clause. 38 years at 0% is still 5 bucks.

All the best to you, my friend. -  Ohio, right ?


Is this OSHA approved ? GMG3 Mike Hester 1974

Just looked at the faded Kodak pictures I took of our stay in Ambon. It was an experience to behold. Remember the typhoon we went through on out way down there. As for the crossing the line, my knees still twinge everytime I think of crawling from the forecastle to the flight deck......

I'm not going to blow smoke up your stern. Not all was good about our lives in the Navy. But that's life. Doesn't make it right, but learning to stick up for yourself and your buddies, and figuring out how to move on with your life and taking your lumps in the process is still a good thing. There's no free ride, and no free lunch. Step back, smell the roses, and move on. If you want to have a beer now and then and p*ss on your dress blues, that's your decision. But I'm not going to bring down those I care about over bs like head of the line privilidges & the "first class mess", etc. - C'mon pal, you're not alone. Hope you make some peace with this, for yourself and those you have a chance to help by your experience. Best regards to you, Paul.

The first time I crossed the line was in March 1977 onboard the USS White Plains AFS-4
I had a cousin onboard the Whipple at that time. His name is Arthur F. Makes he was a BT

I  crossed the line on board the John s McCain DDG-36 in 1971 and onboard the Berkeley DDG-15 in 1974


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