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Glad we called it a choir back then... truly was ! I was in BJC in April/May 1969 ... Trying to find any recording of our voices from that time frame or in general from the 1960's or early 70's ... Somehow the little vinyl recording we got got misplaced over the years. I truly loved being part of that choir more than anything I have ever done since. I dont remember much of the specifics but I do remember my recruit company commander chewing me out for auditioning and being accepted ... He was a good chief but he didnt think much of the choir or the drum and bugle corp company. I do remember being quite surprised that I was accepted into BJC and watching the looks on many old salty faces when we sang in front of them ....

Though we missed basic navy classes during that time.. the choir company always scored well on blue jacket knowledge and the basic seamanship courses.. I dont regret missing going to the regular classes for that stuff.

Anyway glad to have found this group... I am also a member of the USS Constellation group

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Rick , e-mail me at I have a complete album made in 1968 on file . I can e-mail it to you. I still listen to them all the time . We made two trips to Hollywood to record this album. I lost it over the years but got in touch with someone in the choir a few months after me so he had it.

I wonder if that is the same album I heard about when I was in the BJC, Jan 1 - Mar 15, 1971, and who was our director???

After all these years forgive me if dates fail me a bit.  I was a worm until about January 1, 1971 at RTC San Diego.  I crossed the bridge and the seagulls followed, appropriate it seemed being worms and all. By then, I was a member of the BJC.  I was in the BJC until March 15, 1971 when I left basic training. We performed on the Mike Douglas Show. Dennis Gimbel was the choir's recruit director on the show. 

We may have recorded a cut on an album, but not sure. 

An album does exist. I don't have it, unfortunately.

My best memory of the BJC during this period was one night in the barracks when on the far end from me, clearly one of our shipmates said, "There is nothing like a dame."  Another said near me, "There is nothing like a dame."  Soon in six part harmony we spontaneously launched into that South Pacific Classic.  It was one of the best moments of my life.  I will never forget it.

Dean and anybody else interested I have the album made in 1968 on my computer and on CD . If you want a copy just send me your e-mail and I will be glad to forward it to you 

Would love a copy. I was BJC Mar 67 to May. Mike Barney

Howard, you sent me a couple songs last year, and due to new PC I lost track of them.  Can you resend?


Mike Barney


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