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I was in Co 110 Apirl 4th 1974 . our cc was TM 1 Conklin .. Sure hate seeing the curent pictures of the base . I then went to TI in San Francisco and was ordered out to the USS Longbeach .. But hurt my back and was discharged ...  :(

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I remember seeing that 4050 correctional company.  I seem to recall that they wore pink sailor hats.  Didn't they carry buckets of sand too?  And they had a special step when marching.  By putting down one foot loudly on the pavement.  I think you had to do something pretty bad to end up with them. 

I would guess the lucky ones lost their extreme attitudes and started a new company with a fresh start after serving their time.  Or were eventually discharged.

There was no political correctness back then.  Just correctness.

I don't remember Co. 4050.  I went through boot camp in San Diego in 1961 and remember Co. 4013.  It was the scrounge company, made up of those that couldn't cut the inspections etc..of regular boots.  Was a Navy misfit company.  Most in that company couldn't adjust and were waiting a General Discharge.  Those that were able to adjust were re-assigned to a regular company again.  We were always threatened with assignment to 4013, but never heard anything about Co. 4050.

I was in boot camp in 1968 and co. 4050 was a prisoner company made up of guys who had screwed up pretty bad. They weren't just scroungy. They had gone awol or hit somebody. The guards were armed plus carried billy clubs, and at night they were put in locked cells

I remember Co. 4050 and the pink Dixie cups. Their barracks were just a stones throw away from our own. Once I had to go there to stand a fire watch (2000 hrs - 2400 hrs) I remember the guards who were barely out of boot camp themselves, they were used to dealing with the prisoners so they weren't very nice to us either. We weren't supposed to talk to the prisoners in the cells, but they would make remarks to me while I made my rounds. Their comments were not kind and it was best if you just pretend you didn't hear them


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