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I was in Co 110 Apirl 4th 1974 . our cc was TM 1 Conklin .. Sure hate seeing the curent pictures of the base . I then went to TI in San Francisco and was ordered out to the USS Longbeach .. But hurt my back and was discharged ...  :(

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It is a shame that the long and historical tradition of NTC, San Diego became nothing more than a check mark on a page of the BRAC brats! Thankfully, some of it remains! Personally I think TDE-1 should be turned over to the control of Navy vets! Other Navy facilities fared less well. Use the birds eye view of Bing maps to see what has become of and what remains of NTC, Bainbridge, MD! That's just a sin! Here's just a taste of that sad story!

A few years late in your lament...

Yes it is a sad story what San Diego did with such a historic sight. The Last time I saw the TDE-1 was in 2006 when my First Ship had a Reunion In San Diego, When the Navy turned over the base to developers it all went down hill.

   It's a crying shame that folks don't recognize the significance and importance of historic base structures until years after it's too late.

   Bainbridge is where Bill Cosby went to boot camp. Doesn't look like much has been preserved, according to Jim's posted photo. (That's the women recruit training area pictured on the west side of the base.)

   Here's NTC Bainbridge's version of the of a land-locked training ship:




      Sadly, the community let their training ship get torn down when the base was closed.




Thank You for the great picture of the TDE-1, also thanks goes to Jim Decota who sent in the picture of what happen to the base.


Anyone interested?


I have many, many JPEG's of RTC and NTC that I have accumulated over the years.


I just need to know how to upload/download them so they can be viewed.


FYI:  I have been following the"Corky" outfit ever since they took on this job on behalf to the City of San Diego.


Let's face it...some old buildings had to go if there was going to be any redevelopment done at all.  It is my opinion that "Corky" is not the only one to blame.  Please include the U.S. Navy, the DoD and "America's Finest City"!  Each one of them and their reps ought to have their butts kicked.

One has to admit that the base looked llike a moonscape when re-development began.  It was not fun to watch because it did look like everything was going to be demolished!


Now that most of the re-development has been completed, the area indeed does still look like a Naval Base...with a grain-of-salt thrown in on top of the wound!


For all of the money that has been and will be spent on re-development, not a damn nickel has been spent on re-building or remodeling any one of the old barracks to their original state to serve as a part of a San Diego Boot Camp, etc. Historical Museum!


Wouldn't it be very appropriate for ONE barracks building (restored) being available for returning/visiting personnel to just walk through!


I have been in many of the old barracks buildings on the Recruit side and the Advanced side.  For the Recuit side...all I can say is that the window of opportunity to restore ONE barracks building is rapidly getting smaller and smaller as each year passes by.  As of right now, only Building 68 would be the ONLY BUILDING LEFT that could be used for this purpose.


For the Advanced side, all of the old "H" barracks are "blanking" gone.  One building was left standing very near the USS RECUIT and the gas chamber building and it looked as though it was going to be left to be remodeled. That didn't happen because someone, somewhere had their head buried in the sand!


If you visit the old base, there exists many, many of the old spanish-type barracks that are currently in excellent condition.  All that is missing right now would be the furnishings and there it would be!


Just throwing out some up-to-date information.  If anyone else has some video or still's to share, it would be nice to view them and, if someone shows me how, I will be more that willing to drop/upload files that I have.  I am quite positive these files would be of interest to everyone!


Hope to hear from some of you folks in the very near future!




Welcome to 2015, Shipmate...I shot this at Camp Nimitz (Worm Island) on December 26, 2014...SDFD cadets learning to pack and haul hoses up ladders and stairwells of Barracks 88 & continues and the predominant color here is turnout coats and SDFD blue unis...

Hello Larry Steven Anderson.  I, too, was in Company 110 from April to June 1974.  and TM1 Conklin was my company commander.  I remember that he had a limp, evidently from injury aboard a sub, although, as I recall, he was also on PBRs in Vietnam before being a company commander.  Our RCPO was Richard Comargo.  Our RPO was "Willie" and I can't remember his last name.  I was the Athletic PO. My two buddies were Phillip Keeling and Steve Wolford.  I also remember that our YN was a guy that had attended the Naval Academy but got cut from some reason.  He was the smartest guy in our company.  I''ve attached 3 pictures that were taken while in boot camp picture.  I've been looking for guys from Co 110 for 30 years!!  Glad to have found you.  Looking forward to hearing back from you.  Regards - Kevin Bearden


August 14th 1958

 I think it was Co. 301 we were in, I remember being fire company probably sometime in Sept. and were wer sent out to the Laguna mountains most of us just set on trails and watched for hot spots, and the food was awesome at the camp there

I went to Boot Camp in 1981 Company 91 Chief Tomines was my Company Commander..

Anderson?  Weren't you the company Yoeman?

When I was in boot camp (RTC) San Diego, there was a prisoner company (Co. 4050) this is were they put all the bad boys who had trouble adjusting. It made quite an impression on all who saw the way they were run around at double-time and yelled at. At night they spent the hours in a locked cell, just like they were in jail. After seeing this Co. on the grinder, I knew I didn't want any of that. So in a way they were a warning to all recruits of what could happen if they didn't follow orders. Do any other members recall this Company? If so please leave a comment on what you remember


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