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Went to boot camp at GL in 1963 October , company 505 when I was checking the keel mags I could never find that company, or my picture anywhere. Now some of us went home for Christmas , and we continued as co 505 and graduated in jan. any help on this?

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Did some peekin n lookin ….found this ??

No wait this is in California.....Company 0505

I was in Company 121 at Gt Lakes …..1962 ….I cannot find ANYTHING on my Company either

I checked out this link because I went to San Diego for boot camp. the list is incomplete and there was no search for company by number. so it was a dead end. Maybe I just don't know how to use it  to find co. 788 in 1968

Company 257 june-sept 62

After 90 days of pushups locker and bunk inspections and taking classes on stuff I never ever used I graduated from boot camp.Only to get orders sending me back to Gt Lakes and ADCOM SECURITY...Gate Guard.

What was funny was the 2 gates on the boot side were Moffett and Porter IIRC.

The guys in BASIC thought we were RECUITS so ever now n then I'd take my helment off and scratch my hair..the "boots"thought we were recuits….so ever now n then we'd get a RPOC who thought HE could make us do 25 pushups.

So just to shock em we'd take our helments off n scratch our hair


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