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Comment by Fred Russell Crowder on April 23, 2016 at 1:36am
James B. Johnson: What was the first name of HMCS Dahlke. I went to X-ray school with a Fred Dahlke but he couldn't have made HMCS in 4 years from a HM2. He wasn't at NH Guam in late 76-August 78
Comment by Fred Russell Crowder on April 23, 2016 at 1:16am
Went through "A" School from Jan through May 1971 at HCS San Diego. Barracks was 125 right above the club and in front of the hello pad., I was one of 3 who were older then 21. Remember bringing cases of beer and hiding it under the barracks. Those were the days with Captain Hunter. Also had him as CO 3 years later when I was in X-Ray school. Got called into his office with Security one day for an apparent charge of destruction of a pub in Scotland. Never was stationed anywhere except boot camp, Nav Sta San Diego, Bremerton, and Seattle. Had been given my rights and told I might end up in the brig until I asked how could I have done it since I was never stationed in Scotland. There was another Fred Crowder who was also transferred to San Diego but held at Nav Sta 32nd Street about the same time I was TAD there awaiting my school. Once Captain Hunter realized the screw up, he apologized, dismissed me from his office , but Security was held there and heard that the Security Officer got his ass reamed for allowing charges to go forward without checking my service record History of Assignments. Funny now but I was scared shitless when in his office.
Comment by Richard Doggett on June 15, 2015 at 4:26pm

Greetings. Request permission to come aboard.

Just joined the group and glad to have run across some of my brothers in arms and mates. I enlisted in June 1968 "Hospital Designated" which meant I had no choices except Corps School or Dental Tech School. Went to boot in San Diego and Corps School at Balboa graduating in Jan '69. From there to NAV Hosp Chelsea MA. 

Worked originally on a medical ward (12 days on 2 off) and then in the delivery room down in the dependents wing. Got orders to the 3rd MAR Div for August '69, then amended to 1st Mar Div for December, then amended to 3rd Marine Amphibious Force arriving in Vietnam Jan '70 and assigned to the Combined Action Program (CAP).

In country we went through 3 weeks of guerrilla warfare and counter-insurgency training, Vietnamese language school, qualified on m-16, m-60, m-79, PRC 25 radio, orienteering with map and compass, demolitions and general explosives. Corpsmen trained right along with the Marines and passed all of the same tests.

I was assigned to CAP 2-7-2, 2nd Combined Action Group out of Hoi An. Our CAP was assigned to a village with 4 hamlets. We were supposed to have 14 Marines and 1 Corpsman, but there were usually only 10-12 Marines due to illness, wounds or R&R. We lived in the bush with no rear area or down time except for wounds, illness or R&R. I was wounded twice - only one counted for a purple heart. Spent 302 days in the bush and was pulled out in Jan 71 to work at 1st Med BN for 3 weeks until I rotated home.

Spent my last year at Nav Hosp Bremerton WA. Got out and less than a year later reenlisted and came back home. Back at Bremerton, I applied for the NENEP program and was selected and went on PCS orders to the University of Washington for four years and graduated in 1977. Immediately was commissioned as an Ensign in the Nurse Corps, made LT in 3 years and hated the politics. I did not fit in with the female dominated branch as they were very covetous of the higher ranks since at that time the only path to admiral for a woman was the Nurse Corps. They didn't like a mustang LT with more combat ribbons than the Master Chief. So, at the urging of an old Vietnam buddy, I jumped ship and transferred to the Army Nurse Corps with the promise of grad school and education as a Trauma Nurse Specialist. Dressed in green once again, I felt truly back at home.

During my Army time I was stationed at Fitzsimmons AMC in Denver, Brooke AMC,  San Antonio, 121st Evac Hosp in Korea, and Madigan AMC at Ft Lewis Wa. I retired in 1990 having trained the nurses who would staff the triage areas at the 41st Combat Support Hospital before they deployed to Desert Storm.

I then worked as a trauma nurse and flight nurse (rotor) for several great trauma centers in California, Texas and Washington. I retired fully in 2004 as the multiple surgeries on my shoulder to repair damage from a grenade in Vietnam caught up with me. I wrote a book inspired by my experiences and now spend time with family. My one regret is that my military career, from E-1 to O-4 took me away from my family too much of the time. 

I still have issues with pain and decreased mobility in my shoulder from the nerve damage and attempts at surgical correction but at least they kept me wired together long enough to fulfill my career. Still have some issues with PTSD but it does get better with time.

So I'm half Navy, quarter Marine and quarter Army.

Comment by William O. Plaster, Jr. on January 15, 2015 at 9:41am

Stephen, did you know John Hetrick who worked in decedent affairs? John and I were at the hospital at the same time. We served together three times during our navy career. He now lives in Beaufort, SC and I live in Summerville, SC and occasionally get together. I became a Medical Technologist and worked for HCA for 18 years until I retired in 1998. I then volunteered in the ER for 10 years.

Comment by Mike Landers on January 15, 2015 at 9:21am

Greetings from N. Atlanta. Hope all is well. 1971-1974. 2 Med cruises.


Comment by Jim Decota on November 15, 2014 at 7:52pm

The 91 year old WW2 vet that I posted a blog about running across the country, Ernie Andrus was a Corpsman! He was one of the original 30 vets (avg age 72 at the time) that sailed their LST-325 back from Greece in 2000!

Check out his FB page:

Comment by David Freeman on November 13, 2014 at 6:25pm

I need to retire!. There is a perfectly good battleship in Long Beach that needs an HM. All I need is time. 

Ron, don't despair. If San Diego can have a dry land ship, USS Recruit then you can have one in Arizona. If I recall, there was a German POW camp outside of Phoenix in WWII. The prisoners were planning and escape and got hold of a local map. Story is they were building a boat to cross the Salt River. I wonder if anybody saved it.

Comment by William O. Plaster, Jr. on November 13, 2014 at 4:06pm

Stephen M. Miland :  I was a HM1 in the blood bank at NSA Hospital 69-70.

Comment by L. Wayne Sasser on November 13, 2014 at 3:51pm

yes we do, and NAS Pensacola, 45 miles east.

Comment by Jim Decota on November 13, 2014 at 3:50pm

Stephen, you have the USS Turner Joy up in Bremerton and L.Wayne you have a Battleship!


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