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I was a boiler tech 1200 Super Heated steam on board the Constellation from 1973 to 1976. The last year I spent in the Oil Lab


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Ronnie: Other than higher steam pressure and some automation how do 1200 pound boilers differ from 600 pound boilers. I got out in 1965,fired 600 P.S.I. B & W boilers in the & worked in the Boiler Repair gang aboard U.S.S. Yorktown CVS-10 which is now the lead ship at Patriots Point in Mount Pleasant,South Carolina The Yorktown was homeported in Long Beach CA at that time.We just had our annual reunion which we have every year around the second full weekend of October. Went to class "A" BT School and graduated first in my class,then sent to the U.S.S. Bordelon DD-881 homeported in Charleston,South Carolina So my first ship is now where my last ship was.What a difference from a Flag Ship to a "TIN CAN". Being a flag ship was OK, but being on a destroyer in rough weather,now to me that was a real challenge trying  to maintain the proper water level while bobbing up and down like a cork.  Went to work in the power house at the  Ford Motor Co  at the River Rouge Plant in Dearborn.Michigan. Retired in 2007 as a General Foreman holding a first class stationary engineers license. Man those boulers were 7 stories tall as the power house furnished all the utilities for the entire complex 2700 acres. Thier operating pressure was only 190 P.S.I. Currently living in Selma,North Carolina.
Alphonse:  600 psi and 1200 psi boilers are built basically the same they are both type D boilers and one difference is of course the higher pressure and temp between the two boilers  and also the number of Burners.  Also most 1200 PSI boilers could be run stick shift or fully automatic, with the exception your still had to monitor the feed water at the wonder check station you were talking about.   You should try keeping the water level where it belongs while they are operating the Steam Cats aboard an Aircraft Carrier . Also the water level goes all over the place.  One last thing  Are boiler burned Navy Distillate your ship probably burned Black Oil nasty dirty stuff, especially when it came time to do Water sides and fire Sides.  Sounds life you had an interesting Career, I was stationed aboard the USS Constellation CV-64  at one time I also had a valid fire mans license for the
State of Washington.


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