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How well I remember.

Served therein 7/62 to 7/64.

Security Ops in middle east, among other Ops.

Remember visiting medinas in the following cities:


Sale (outside Rabat)



Kenitra of course (formerly Port Lyautey)

Also, visited the following cities:

Moulay Idiris


I was assigned to the Legal Office on Sidi Yahia, where I learned

to speak a little Maroc (enough to get by during the Ops).

In the Comm bldg, 2nd floor (outside the CT/RM room and across

the hall).

Worked with the CTs (C branchers and A brahchers), the RMs,

and others.

Also, remember taking the bus to Kenitra, sweltering in the 140 degree heat,

having to close the windows on the bus (no fans or AC, either, ugh).

Rainy season? Looked like we were afloat in the middle of the water.

Remember GDF day? Ground Defense Forces day? Yikes, what a fiasco.

I still remember the Comm bldg at that time; no windows, only one door in

and out, and that the entire bldg was lined with explosives---just in case.

Sadly, I was stationed there when JFK was assassinated; base closed for an

entire week just in case of  trouble from the outside---thankfully, nothing happened.

Used to go to movies at Bouknadel and Sidi Slimane (Air Force bases the

opposite direction of Kenitra).

Ah, well; memories were mostly nice ones on which I reflect today.

Recently read (in the Military Times) about a reunion of NavCommSta (Morocco),

but the date had long passed (old mags at the local veterans office).

Being long-winded, I shall close at this juncture.

Thanks for the ear and chance to expound on favorable memories.


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I was stationed in the basement between 70 and 72. Everything you did - I did. Two coups attempted while I was there - driving through road blocks with machine guns pointed at me in my little Fiat coup..... Lived in villa on Mednah beach...... loved the memories....... Mike

Ah, the machine guns trained on us in the car, and on me personally when I went to the aid of a women being

raped in Kenitra, on the sidewalk, by Maroc soldiers; ugh. Had to leave and continue listening to her cries,.

Also, in Kenitra, in the wee hours, walking past the town bank, the outside guard lowered his machine gun

on me as I walked past---scary.

Yet another; an attempt was made on the king (Moulay Hassan V), and road blocks with zig zag metal spikes were on the road, so we had to proceed through very cautiously, with machine guns trained on all the occupants of the car, another scary moment.

Finally, once parked on the cliffs overlooking Casablance and the ocean; spotted an old WWII rusted tank on the shores, also spotted Maroc soldiers on the far distant beach, who also spotted us---and started shooting at us from down below on the beach up to the top of the cliff overlooking the beach---egads, we thought, left toute de suite (or as I seemed to remember, we had our "zit" out of there.

Bad memories at the time, but remembering later years all the good times there, puts aside the few terrible moments.

Sorry about the self-indulgent rant, but thanks the for ear, again.

Now remember that GDF myself now that you bring it up. Remember when I first got there had to go on Mo patrol at night with a whistle and a flashlight, those were some nights. I was on my way home from there when I heard about JFK, was sitting in the Milwaukee airport. Thought for sure my leave was going to be cancelled.

Hello Mr Herman, I was also at Sidi Yahia when President was killed. I was in the movie theatre on the base when it was announced. Sad Night. I was a cook there and remember having a barbeque outside in the 130degree heat celebrating 4th of July. Had a Moped along with some other guys.  


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